Monday, March 21, 2011

Puppy Love

OMG my world has returned to normal and Chloe is back under my roof, but not before another epic Gavin day. I had no sooner gotten myself home today, made coffee, and had some food when Gavin showed up at my house questioning my recent whereabouts. I told him I'd been out and if he had more direct questions, he could ask them. He did.

Before he started the interrogation though, he wanted a blow job. It seems he'd come over to reclaim his territory and did so in a very manly, aggressive manner. Rarely do I let him just control me, but I gave it up this morning. I let him pull my hair and move my head around as he wished on his cock. Finally he pulled me off him, came on my cheek, mouth, and chin and rubbed his cock all over it before sticking it back into my mouth. When he finished I laughed and called him on the reclaiming of his land, which he denied but it was exactly what he was doing...hell, I'm just happy he didn't pee on me.

After I finished him off, he asked if I wanted to hang out with him today. I wanted nothing more at that moment. I will tell you all again, the man has the best timing of anyone I've ever met. I mean it's just spot on....when I need him, he's just there. We decided to go hang out at this resort on the west side and he went home to change and pack us a cooler full of beer and a joint (or 2) for the journey. In the car, he started the questions and I finally spilled the whole Clark story to include last night. Here's why I heart Gavin....instead of being all weird and jealous, Gavin thought it was the best story ever. He asked questions all day about it, but in a 'I'm curious and really want to go with you too' kind of way, not in a jealous way at all. He agreed that Clark was being a whiny bitch and that he didn't understand why he was pissed at me either. It was so nice to be able to openly talk to him about that whole scenario. I mean it was definitely weird telling Gavin about it, but freeing all at once especially because he was so into hearing it all.

We went to lunch, hung out on the beach, sat in the hot tub, drank, smoked, and had a really fun day. It was so nice and relaxing and easy. He made me laugh all day long and provided the exact energy I needed. At one point, we were sitting on the beach and Gavin made a comment about being my puppy...I laughed until I thought I was going to lose it. How does he know these things?! It wasn't in relation to anything I've ever said or implied or the girls, it was in a playful we were in the water and he was bouncing around me kind of thing.

Finally around 6:30, we went to pick up Chloe. Gavin knows my bff on the island's boyfriend and honestly her bf isn't Gavin's biggest fan because of his bad boy rep, but they are much more open to him than Russell so they invited us to come over for dinner. I felt a little guilty that I blew Russell off about picking her up so Gavin and I could go, but it ended up being the perfect end to our day. My bff was charming and funny with Gavin and Gavin was the same with her. It was a great evening listening to them all talk story and having Chloe in the mix. I was reminded how amazing it is to have such great friends.


  1. The story above feels like the happy ending to the story below :-) Clark is a huge bag of crazy, and honestly he sounds like a douchebag. I promise (hand over my heart) that if Lena and I EVER have a threesome I will not sink to the level of self-pitying and confused... there isn't a word for it.

    The sex party story was hot though, and I hope you had a good time at least until Clark ruined. I really dig Gavin, and I can see a similar situation (if you enjoyed it) going much better with him.

    Shit that was a lot of parentheses.

  2. It was the happy ending, you're right! Gavin is totally dying to go now. I met him at the phone store today after work and he brought it up again as something he really, really wants to do with me. I think with him it would definitely be fun and a much more pleasant experience!

  3. I think it's safe to say that Jules understands we're all Team Gavin henceforth (and for a long time in the past too). LOL!