Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Sext It Up!

This week's TMI questions are inspired by Gwyn's current addiction to her Iphone and Miranda's longing to have Coach purchase one for her so that she and he can Facetime sexy time each other 24/7...ok I made that part up but it sounded good lol. Jules will add her answers in later this week as she is a very busy bee this week with school and work. Without further ado....

How many of the people on your contact list have you slept with?
6 - I have also done a lot of cleaning out recently due to my virginal status. -Gwyn
7 - damn LOL! This weekend I cleared out 4-5 other names. - Miranda
11 and I delete your number if you piss me off and there's no chance in hell of me ever fucking you again. 3 are currents.

Who sent you the most recent sext you've received? 
 I'm a good girl now! It was Coach! - Miranda
Truck Driver. Very random lol. -Gwyn
Clark  - Jules

What did that sext say?
"I keep thinking about bending you over the kitchen counter again. I guess I'm just a horny old man today." - HAHAHAHA - Miranda
Well, I deleted it already but it was something along the lines of "I want some of that. My dick is hard too." -Gwyn
Clark and I were sexting about a swingers party we're going to Saturday. I deleted it but it was about that and seeing me again today.
 - Jules

How many sexy pics of yourself are currently saved on your phone?
Probably 15. They are all ones I took before my Hawaii trip. I really need to do another photo shoot. - Miranda
24. I love sexy photo shoots. -Gwyn
Only 7 - I had to get a new phone in January after the booze cruise. - Jules

How many penis pics are currently saved on your phone?
Actually none. I forwarded about 10 to my email this weekend. - Miranda
None. I had a couple but deleted them recently because they were painful reminders lol. -Gwyn
4 - Again, I lost my phone 2 months ago with all my good pics. - Jules

Have you ever been busted for dirty pictures/sexts on your phone? 
No but I came close once.  My phone was on the fritz and just as I handed it to the Verizon lady I remembered I had racy pics on there. Under the excuse of needing to send a quick text, I snatched it back and madly deleted all the pics I could find on there in under 30 seconds flat. - Miranda
No, I'm far too slick for that. However, I did have a phone stolen that contained lots of pics so there's no telling who enjoyed those. I also gave my old BB to our IT guy at work (Chinless Wonder from my last post) so he could configure my emails and I have a sneaking suspicion he may have browsed through my naughty pics but will never know for sure. -Gwyn
Yes, Russell has seen them before...but no, not busted in the since that someone I didn't want to see them found them - Jules

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