Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Run Forest, Run!

Sorry for my absence. Miranda has been hella busy! 

Leo’s birthday party went as well as could be expected.  Duckie’s parents actually came, though his dad maintained his stance that I didn’t exist and he refused to acknowledge my presence.  Josie was there and she got to meet Coach in person.  After the party my mom said she caught herself looking around and seeing me and Coach and Duckie and his girlfriend and thought to herself how well we’ve handled our divorce and made everything easy for the kids.  Welcome to the modern family! HA! 

My time with Coach over the weekend was a mixture.  I’m discovering it’s hard to not be demanding and want all his time on the weekends.  He ends up having to split his time between me and his kids because he still hasn’t resolved that issue with his ex.  Throw in the ACC basketball tournament this past weekend and his friends wanting some man time and my Miranda time definitely felt lacking.  Knowing that I didn’t get all the time I wanted on Saturday, Coach actually stayed with me Sunday night and left at like 4 am to go back to DC on Monday.  Definitely a hard way for him to start his week but I appreciated him staying with me. 

I do get frustrated but I know Coach feels the same type of frustration. He’s only here for a limited amount of time and he feels like he has to make the rounds and see everyone.  It’s not a win-win situation for any of us.

While I’ve certainly enjoyed more “me” time with him living in DC, I have to say the long distance thing is definitely starting to lose its shine.  It’s hard to have so little face time together. We do talk on the phone at least 2 times a day and of course we text and Facebook each other throughout the day.  But despite that, it’s still not the same as getting to spend actual physical time together on a regular basis.  I don’t really have a solution to the issue other than to readjust my expectations of the amount of time we can spend together on the weekends and see if that helps with my frustration level.

Talking to Coach tonight, I told him as much.  I told him we haven’t had a 100% good weekend since he moved.  I expected there to be an adjustment period but I figured by now we would be finding some sort of rhythm to this long distance relationship. Clearly we haven’t mastered it yet.  Next weekend I’m planning to go see him in DC and I have high hopes that should be a 100% good weekend because it will just be Coach and I. 

Enough complaining, I do have a funny weekend story.  Saturday night we went to a sports bar right down the road from where I live to see Coach’s best friend’s band.  We were there and I got wasted very quickly thanks to Coach’s brother in law and his propensity for buying shots of Yager one after another. 

At some point Coach and I were dancing and I was hot. Coach’s sisters wanted to keep dancing so I walked outside with the brother in law.  I remember looking at my apartment building about a half a mile down the road and for some reason; I literally took off at a dead run heading for home.  As I crossed the street, his brother in law chased after me asking what I was doing. I remember looking at him from across the street, taking off my shoes, shouting, “I’m running home!”  Then I held my sandals in one hand, hitched upmy pants in the other hand and rand the rest of the way home laughing like a mad woman.  I magically transported myself up the stairs where I called Coach to let him know where I was and I told him to get his ass home so we could have sex.  Then I promptly threw up and passed out.

Meanwhile, Coach thought the brother in law and I were playing a trick on him.  When the brother in law told him I’d ran away he started searching the bar high and low.  Apparently he didn’t even believe me at first when I called him.  When he realized I really wasn’t there anymore, Coach got someone to drive him to my place and was quite disappointed to find me passed out wearing a tank top and granny panties.  Oh well, guess we should all be a little more careful about our expectations….


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