Monday, March 7, 2011

Back on Track - Hopefully

Well another weekend came and went. I actually had a really good time with Coach all in all. Friday night I admit things felt a little strained at first.  You could really tell we were testing the waters and seeing how things felt with each other.  Gwyn had come over for movie night with the kids and Coach was so nervous about running in to her face to face knowing she was not a fan of his anymore.  HA! A 42 year old 6’4 man afraid of little Gwyn. I mean she can be scary as hell but come on!  LOL!  Fortunately for him, she left before he got back in town. 

He showed up with a surprise for me – a new pair of Nikes I had pointed out several weeks ago and said were cute.  Some men bring flowers, Coach brings shoes! HA!  I do have to say though I really, really like them. I told Gwyn guilt was a powerful tool. We just hung out a little bit and when we both finally started to relax, things felt pretty normal.  I had been determined to make him wait till Saturday night for any sex but the beast got a hold of Miranda and we had some intense pseudo-make up sex.

Saturday we had plans to spend the afternoon together with the kids.  That morning he was with his boys and as his plans changed a little he did the right thing this time. He owned up to it and called me and told me he’d be a little later than we had planned, which was a very smart and important thing for him to do for me.  He also checked in with me one other time so clearly Coach was really making an effort to let me know he was making our time together a priority.

At softball practice, as soon as he got there the kids tackled Coach and he ran around throwing football with them and throwing Ladybug in the air.  Later he helped with some fielding exercise and essentially won over my whole team between his attention for the kids and his mad softball skills.  I told him though my BFFs weren’t fans of him right now, he clearly made some fans with my team.

Later that afternoon we went shopping and Coach bought new Nikes for both Leo and Ladybug.  After that I told Gwyn that since I was giving him one last chance, I was going to milk this guilt thing for all it was worth. My new goal is to get him to buy me an iPhone! HAHA!

Sunday we spent a couple more hours together before he had to go back to DC.  This long distance thing is so weird.  It’s kind of like having a pretend boyfriend in a way.  I’m not sure I like it but I do like having my Miranda time back.  I’m definitely giving him a last chance but this is it. If he fucks up again, Miranda is done. I’m still working on putting it behind me so I can fully relax but it did feel good to be around him this weekend and still feel like I really liked him. 

Interestingly today my horoscope was still spot on for my indecision.  I think it’s telling me to stay in this limbo land for a little while longer.  Here it is:

You may find that you're indecisive when it comes to issues concerning love and romance, Gemini. For some reason, you have a tendency to pull one way and then the other, yet neither way seems very rewarding. Don't feel like you have to take concrete action at this time. In fact, if you do, this commitment may cause you more frustration later.



  1. I am at a loss... why would spending time with you be a priority over spending time with his boys? I get what you are saying about wanting him to play straight and keep you informed so it doesn't upset your schedule. However, his boys now have a father that lives in another state as well, surely that should be of bigger importance?

  2. Ok, I've read this post twice and no where in here does she imply that spending time with his kids should not be a priority. She simply noted that while he was with the kids and his plans changed, he had the good sense to communicate it without lying.

  3. Thanks Jules. That was what I meant. I in no way expect to be a priority over his sons - in NO WAY. But I do expect to be a priority in his life. If plans need to change due to his kids, I'm more than fine with that but he damn well better let me know and now leave me hanging. Part of the hardest thing with the long distance is right now his ex is still being a total bitch about me being around his kids so when Coach is home he's trying to balance seeing the kids, seeing friends/family, and seeing me. Last weekend a big part of why I was upset is because the way he treated me, not because our plans got changed.