Friday, May 6, 2011

Bad Puppy, Lick the Kitty

Gavin spent the afternoon moving stuff into my house while I was at work. He called to make sure it was ok and I said it was until he finds a place. I really don't want him to move back in. I love hanging out with him, but I have absolutely NO desire to live with him again. He's like a bull in a china shop and due to his high level of energy, he wears me out. I need my own space and he needs his. He can come visit my space anytime he wants, but when I'm finished or exhausted he needs his own place to go to so I can recover and get ready for the next time I see him. (I'm a total "I" in the Myers Briggs world. He is an "E".)

During this moving process today, he broke the glass hurricane portion of a candle holder that I've had for years and love. I got it in Florida (it's actually the last thing I think I own outside of some jewelry that my bio mother bought me, no sentimental value b/c she's a bitch but merely a side note), shipped it to NC via the airlines, moved it to 2 houses in NC, moved it to HI, and relocated it to 2 houses here all during the last 10 years, 7 of which I had a child running around. It seems it wasn't ready for Gavin. I was super pissed at him for breaking it, still am actually.

He called and apologized profusely when it happened, but I was kind of a bitch. I'm tired of him breaking things...literally a bull in a china shop. I don't have a lot of breakable stuff in my house here, but what I do have I really like. I was surprised he showed his face today after the tongue lashing he got earlier, but it seems he came over to make up and provide his own tongue lashing in the literal sense. I was laying on my couch watching Grey's and he walked in, said hello, and immediately got on the couch, curled up in between my legs, pulled my shorts over, and started licking me. I had to forgive him just a tiny bit. He licked and fingered me until I came, grabbed a beer, and I returned the favor despite still being mad. Then he left and I resumed watching Grey's. I love cum and go...you can't cum and go when you live 3 ft apart in the same house. Universe, please find Gavin a house close to mine, but not in it.

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