Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TMI - The Book of Questions

Questions courtesy of one of Miranda's favorite books - The Book of Love and Sex Questions by Mr. Gregory Stock. Great fun with a group of friends!

When was the last time you had sex so spontaneously you couldn’t have predicted it 20 minutes earlier?
Sunday before Coach left. We had been running around with the kids all day and the kids were chilling out in their rooms. We were laying on my bed and he was getting ready to leave when he started playing a little with those delightful big hands.  We snatched a few minutes for a quickie in my bathroom before he hit the road. The kids never hear a peep! I have to say it was pretty hot watching it all in the mirror over the sink! - Miranda
Saturday night - Gavin came over for dinner and then he went home after we got high (it's the only way I will smoke with him - he must immediately leave and there is NO talking.). He showed back up about 4 hours later, walked in, and dropped his pants. - Jules
I have no idea. I can barely remember the last time I had non-spontaneous sex lol. -Gwyn
If you found out tomorrow you were pregnant with your most recent lover’s child, how would you react?
I think I'd have heart failure causing a spontaneous abortion.  No seriously, I'd freak the hell out. Being a mom again is not in the books for this girl but I'd deal with it and ultimately be ok. I think. After I got done freaking the hell out.  And hiding my pregnancy for several months. From everyone. HA! - Miranda
I'd probably break my neck getting to the phone to schedule my appt. with Planned Parenthood. I would most definitely have an abortion...immediately. Then, I'd call my OB/GYN and demand a more effective method of birth control.  - Jules
I'd be thrilled cuz that means my baby daddy lives in Hawaii - make room Popeye mama's moving in to the penthouse! -Gwyn

Have you learned more about yourself sexually through long term relationships or short term lovers?
That's a tough call. I would probably say through short term lovers mostly because I was married for a billion years to Duckie where sex was not good.  I've had more than my fair share of 1-2 night stands and those tend to be where I've experienced the most "new" stuff or really let loose.  - Miranda
Easy for me, short term lovers because you get into a rut in long term things. With short term, it's always new, fun, and exciting where you are working so hard to please each other that you're trying every position in the book. Owen and I (as well as Gavin and I) pretty much always have sex in the same couple of positions because we know those are our favorites and it's what makes us cum the most/hardest/etc. but we don't  experiment so much anymore. I'm not complaining, but I think short term is where you "learn" more. - Jules
Short term lovers for sure. Although I did learn quite a lot from The Ex, but I think that was more because of the timing of when we were together. We were barely 21 years old and just coming into ourselves sexually, plus we had sex like 500 times a day so I was bound to learn something.  -Gwyn

If you could spend one night with anyone in the world you desired but only by getting permission from your partner, would you ask for it?
No. I can't see myself being with anyone else when I'm in a relatonship. I think it'd ultimately kill the relationship.  Even with Duckie I knew the minute I crossed the line with Sawyer it'd never be the same. - Miranda
I'm a 'It's better to ask forgiveness than permission' kind of girl in the first place, but since I'm not monogamous with anyone, I wouldn't feel compelled to ask anyone's permission. That being said, if someone had to actually verbally give an ok, of course I would ask! - Jules
Um Duh. You only live once. Life's too short to give too much to one damn person. If Brad Pitt calls I'm answering. -Gwyn

Have you ever been sexually attracted to a family member or a person of an inappropriate age?
HA! In college I had the hots for a friend of mine's younger brother. I think he was 15 when I was 18. On a camping trip, we kissed in the woods and I let him feel me up a little but that was all that happened. Though now he's SUPER hot.  Oh and in college I had a brief flirtation with a much older man - much older as in he was in his early 50s and I was 20.  We flirted heavily and I almost went out with him but then I chickened out at the thought that he may have gray pubes. That would have killed me! - Miranda
We had this one kid (he was 23) at the place where I work that I was totally attracted to but it was inappropriate based not only on his age, but the fact that I'm staff and he was a consumer. Otherwise, not really into any of my family (ick). - Jules
I remember having a crush on one of my cousins when I was younger. I also remember one of my cousins having a crush on me (that cousin is now a 'girl' living in SF). This sounds strange I guess, but I always thought it was harmless. We all only saw each other a couple of times a year and no one ever acted on said-crushes lol. I may live in the South but this isn't West Virginia. -Gwyn

Have you told your partner about all of your past relationships?
Nope. Coach prefers not to know details of anything within the past 10 years lol. That's his statute of limitations.  Though he knows the basics about my relationship with Sawyer and he knows I dated A LOT in the last year. - Miranda
No way, I'm someone that believes info is on a need to know basis and since I'm in the triple digits, I don't think anyone needs to know. - Jules
No way. I learned a long time ago that honesty isn't always the best policy. -Gwyn 
Could you give up all sexual activity (with a partner and flying solo) for 40 days and 40 nights?
I couldn't not have sex with Coach for 40 days. No way.  And I don't think I could give up flying solo either.  Especially not if I was not in a relationship.  - Miranda
ROFL, um no and why in the hell would I? - Jules
You guys are crazy. Forty days is barely a month. I could do that no problem, in fact I'm doing it right now. I'm not saying it would be a fun 40 days but it wouldn't kill anyone. -Gwyn 

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