Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Decision Making by Jules

This almost never happens...I'm excellent at making questionable choices, especially when I've been drinking for hours and then if you add pot into the mix...well, it's typically the recipe for a wtf kind of morning the next day. Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work, Gavin came over and we played around some before I went to get Chloe. Then we started drinking...around 4pm. He left around 6pm and I started dinner. I decided to invite our neighbor for dinner b/c he lives alone and usually if we feed him, he gets us high.

The evening went as planned. We ate (Jules has gone vegetarian) vegetarian chili and I was toasted. Chloe went to bed and Russell said he was too. He declined smoking with us, for reasons I don't know...weird. The neighbor and I went next door to his house to smoke. He always has good shit and I was high before I knew it. We laughed and talked and I noticed flirting. I tried to process what I wanted to do with that. He's the neighbor that I fucked last summer and Russell was pissed at me (mainly b/c he was home). Then, I found out later Russell fucked him one night (also while I was home). So, it seemed odd to have sex with him again.

In addition, Gavin's been mind fucking me a little. We were talking about the swinger's party next weekend earlier this week. He wants to go, but his son races the next morning so we have to come home when we finish and not spend the night. He looked at me during this discussion and said "Well, I guess you could stay, but I'd rather you not. I don't know how I feel about that". Um, ok...whatever. I wouldn't stay without him anyway, but it was strange. Then he pulls basically the same thing yesterday when we were talking.  I don't know how we got on topic of the Mile High Club, but I mentioned I'm not a member. I informed him I was flying alone to and from NC and I might remedy that. He pulls a face and whips that same phrase out "I don't know how I feel about that.". I laughed at him and told him to quit being jealous. This is why I don't want a boyfriend...I want to see and fuck who I want, when I want.

So, back to last night...I was noticing the flirting and thinking about Gavin and thinking about the complication that could present itself with Russell and decided sex was not a good plan. I came home and he followed me over and we sat on the couch talking and drinking some more and then I did what I'm good for - I passed out. I could feel it coming on and decided it was my safest option and went with it. I feel good about that decision today.

Gavin called me this morning and asked if I would have a threesome with him tonight and his friend he brought over the other day...the one that I think is friends with Owen. I said I didn't know and he got kind of pissy. I really love this thing with Owen and I think if Owen got wind of this, he'd quit seeing me. I'm pondering it, but I am not really feeling it right now. We'll see how my decision making skills hold up tonight. On that note, Owen is on lockdown at home right now. His MIL is visiting and his wife is off for the summer. I hate summers. He's always stressed about money, she should really be teaching summer school or something.

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