Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coconut Telegraph

Gavin came over tonight and prepared dinner while Russell and Chloe were out. No sex, just dinner and talking story. He came back over for sex later, but Russell and I were watching TV and it just wasn't the time.

I was apparently overly generous in my earlier bet that the planned housing situation would make it 2-4 months, as it seems the gf already fucked up the aforementioned living arrangement by going over and introducing herself and her kid to those guys. The kid is weird (according to Gavin) and most people around here hate the gf, so that didn't take long.  He's back to square one in the search...I'm sure this will be interesting, though I think he's swayed away from moving back in here (thankfully).

Here's an interesting tidbit that came up tonight. It seems he still keeps in touch with the guy that introduced us. If you weren't reading last spring, I met a guy on CL that I really liked as a person (at the time) but had NO intention of ever having sex with. We hung out, worked out together, and smoked a lot. He hooked Gavin and I up and then got really weird over my separation with Russell, became jealous I wouldn't fuck him, and well it just kind of blew up. Go back to last spring and read about Damien if you're curious.

It seems Damien asks about me pretty much every time he sees Gavin and Gavin tells him that we're still hanging out.  Gavin was naive (read stupid) enough to think that Damien would sit on this. Damien is a total conspiracy theorist and thinks everyone here knows everyone's business and that if an affair is discovered, you will be railroaded out of town. He's a nut job, but it is a small island. Then Gavin tells me that last week when he went by Damien's with the gf to get some weed, he was talking to another friend that was there and he hears Damien ask the gf is she's met Jules yet. At the mention of my name, Gavin tunes in and steers the convo away quickly enough. He was shocked Damien would bring me up, but I'm not b/c clearly he's a pot-stirrer and I've cautioned Gavin to quit talking about me to people.


  1. Whoa! That is crazy! I can't believe Damien is still tracking you. Gavin better steer clear of him.


  2. "Small world moments" are more common than we want to admit. I ran in to my best friend's girlfriend in NYC and hung out for the night. Seems like NYC is a small island as well 'cause by the time I got home to CA, he had heard about it. Aaaagh!

    But I agree that Damien sounds like too much bother.

  3. Damien is an odd individual and I hope Gavin learned a valuable lesson is not airing your laundry in public. We shall see...