Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today was an awesome Tuesday of epic proportions!  I woke up early and took Chloe to school and then Russell and I went to get our oil changed. (It gets better.) We had a lovely breakfast at Starbucks and then strolled around Costco and decided that we're joining the masses. It was just a nice morning hanging out. We talked about things we're going to do this summer while Chloe is in NC and again I say, I'm so happy we're in such a good place. Yesterday morning, he brought me coffee in bed and then bought me a late Mother's Day present of a mani-pedi. Things are just nice here on that front. 

While I was in Costco, I was sexting with Owen about hooking up at lunch. Then the phone calls started....Gavin called me 5 times in the span of 45 minutes. I called him on the way home and we were talking and he asked where I'd been. I told him and he was all like "I should be changing your oil." I said, "Yes, you should but since I asked you to a month ago and you haven't...I had it done.". Then he moved into sort of an accusatory tone and said that he didn't really think that was what I was doing because if Russell and I were just hanging out shopping, I should have answered his calls. I told him that I was shopping and didn't want to chat and that yes, that was what I was doing. He told me he's ok with me getting laid (gee, thanks) but he hated for me to lie to him about it. I informed him I wasn't lying and that I was seeing Owen at 12:45 for lunch sex. I finally asked him what his problem was because he was acting really weird. He said that he's likely getting kicked out of the new place b/c the gf parties too much, he has to spend almost $1000 on anger management classes for the requirements of his probation (which since he didn't do in time, now they are extending him 6 more months), and that his feelings were hurt when I didn't answer his calls. Then, he said he was at my house and he was waiting to see me. 

I got home and he told me that he was totally feeling jealous today when I wasn't answering his calls. He started wondering if I was seeing JM. It seems JM asked Gavin if he would mind if he saw me again on his own (so glad I got to weigh in on that) and Gavin told him no...but then he started freaking out that maybe he was here because JM wasn't at home. I was laughing at him at this point. He said he wanted to bring me men and he wants me to be getting laid and having fun, but he didn't want me seeing them again without him. It was  a trippy conversation. He said that he felt like after Sunday night, he needed to "reclaim his territory" and he did. I started sucking him and then he told me to sit on him and ride him. He kept talking about how hot my ass looked bouncing off him and I was cumming all over him. It was really hot sex and then he pulls me off him and cums all over me. I totally felt like he was marking his area...hahaha. 

After we came, he got dressed and told me he was going to finish washing his truck and would wash my car too. He totally knew I had plans in half an hour, but he stayed right up until Owen texted me saying he was on the way and then he left to go to work for a little bit. As he was washing my car, he continued to talk about wanting to share me when he wanted too, but hoped I wouldn't see JM without him. I assured him I would not. It was quite comical. Before he left, he told me to get some stuff for dinner and he would come roll me sushi for dinner later. 

Owen came over literally about 10 minutes after Gavin left and we had o-m-g sex. It was literally amazing. He  came over and I was playing with my glass toy waiting on him. He came to me in my bed and I started sucking him and then he asked if he could go straight into my ass. I said he could and he slowly worked it in and then started pounding me. He came pretty quickly for him and then because he just stays hard, he kept going. We moved into a bunch of positions...me on my back with him on his knees in front of me, me laying flat, me riding him with his cock in my ass and I was literally soaking him I was cumming so much, and finally him behind me and then pushing me down on the bed and laying on top of me again...yum. I always, always, always have to change the sheets after he's visited. We got into the shower and he just looked at me and said "I still can't believe how much you love and cum from anal sex. You know, you are not like most women at all". Am I really not? I mean I know I have a super high sex drive, but do most women not love this kind of sex???  I'd take it daily if I could! 

After he left, I ate lunch and sat down recollecting myself. I swear we fucked so hard I thought I would pass out at one point. Then, I went to pick Chloe up for some mother-daughter spa time. I got a pedicure and she got a princess package where they paint little girls' nails and toenails. It was so cute. I love that she's at an age to do this kind of thing now. When I left the salon, I had a text from Owen telling me how amazing today was and how much he loves fucking me. Ditto, baby! When I came home, Gavin had been back over to clean up the car wash mess and to finish his laundry. He even started a load of mine! 


  1. Your morning makes me think of the movie Old School....Will Ferrell is at the keg party and tells all the college kids "Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time."

    You are so domestic these days :)


  2. If I didn't know you, I'd swear you made up all these crazy sex stories!


  3. I've never seen that movie, but it sounds funny. I do have a very domestic side and I swear to god I couldn't make this shit up! :)