Sunday, May 15, 2011

Parking Lots and Run Ins

It was finally sunny here today and I piled Chloe and 3 of the neighbor kids into the car and took them to the beach. We tried to go to a super kid friendly beach, but there was no parking so we ended up at the beach right across the street from Damien's house. When I left the beach today, he was pulling out of his driveway and stopped to get out for something. He caught sight of me, waved, and gave me this really big grin. It was super strange. I'm still pissed about the whole Gavin's gf thing with him, so I kind of half smiled and half waved...asshole. It seemed better than flipping him off.

As I got to the beach, Gavin called and just wanted to see what I was doing and chit chat. Very randomly and completely off topic, he whips out this sentence "It's really nice to just be fucking one person right now". I laughed and said "Um, what about your gf?" since I had just fucked him the other day and assumed he was not referring to me. He said she has not and has been sleeping in the other room all week since they moved. I said "Well, ok then" and got off the phone call.  Please note that I didn't ask, nor do I want to know these things. If I wanted to know the status of their sexual relationship, I would have asked.  Plus I feel like it kind of lays a pressure on me, since I'm not just fucking him.

On that note, I was laying on the beach and Owen texts me that he has time after work to hook up today. I told him we would have to meet out because everyone's home at my house on Saturday evenings, and we discussed locations. Our "normal" spots are not good evening and/or weekend spots for various reasons, so he finally suggested the school. I agreed because I always agree with him, but I have to say it kind of sketched me out a little. I haven't had sex in a school parking lot since I was in school...lol!

I met him there right after work and it was totally fine. There was absolutely no one around and it ended up being great. We didn't have long because technically neither one of us should have been out. I said I needed me time to go to the beach since we don't go out when Chloe is up and/or home, but I needed him. I needed to feel that amazing rush of excitement and constant orgasmic state that he gives me. I had told him how I wanted it today and he kissed me some and told me to get on my knees over his seat. He pounded me and talked to me the whole time, which makes me cum even harder. His hands were all over my body and he was being slightly aggressive, which you all know totally does it for me! I had quite a few really intense orgasms and then he told me he wanted to be in my ass. I was supposed to bring a toy, but I couldn't get one out without notice so he asked if I wanted the lube bottle (which I keep in the car for such occasions as today) inside me. I said "Yes" in the heat of the moment as I had forgotten at that moment what happens when you put bottles inside your body.

We finished with him exploding in my ass and collapsing onto me. He asked me if I could get the bottle out. I laughed and tried...I could not. I told him I needed his help and he reached in to try to retrieve it, only everything was really wet and slippery and he was having trouble. He finally had to put pretty much his entire hand inside me as he's telling me to push. It was a very not sexy, hilarious, weird moment. He was afraid he was hurting me and was worried about not being able to grasp it. Finally, he got it and we were done. It was definitely one of those moments I could have lived without, but I appreciate that shit like that can happen with him and we don't skip a beat. He started kissing me good bye and we cleaned up and left. OMG he makes me feel amazing!

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