Friday, December 17, 2010

Where have all the REAL MEN gone?

Today's post is about a phenomenon I've been wanting to discuss for awhile now. If you're a regular follower of the blog you know that I'm about the manly man - part of my downfall, since clearly my aim is off and although I want "manly man" I actually get "asshole". But, that being said, I rather be with an asshole than a whiny baby boy any day. At least you can cuss out an asshole. But it seems like these days men are becoming so whiny I can't take it. Put on your big boy pants and man up. I'm tired of hearing it already.

I thought women were supposed to be the weaker sex. I thought we were the ones who cry all the time and talk about feelings and get all bent out of shape when we don't get our way. Well I need some proof because if I meet another 'man' who is whinier than my best friend's 8 year old niece I'm going to kick someone in the mouth with my soccer cleats.

Do you need examples? Let's see....we have Amy's Gavin who whines (although he seems to have improved as of late) about his girlfriend all the time but not only continues living with her but also pays her way. Then there's my Romeo who has been whining about his job for weeks to the point where I don't even want to be around him. Then we have Miranda's Lawyer Boy who whined for months about taking the Bar and acted like he was preparing to be inaugaurated as our next president.

And not only do men whine but they continue to stay in the situation that is making them whiny in the first place. You don't like your job - get a new one. You don't like your girlfriend - leave her. You have a cold - buy some damn medicine and get over it. Your job is hard - so is everybody elses. Your family is crazy - so is everybody elses. You're tired - join the fucking club.

So please for my sake, I have two requests. First, if any women reading this blog are raising a son please teach him how to do things for himself and help him to understand that he is not the king of all kings....and if things don't go his way please let him know that he doesn't need to go shoot up a school board meeting or buy a new Lamborghini. Second, for all of our male readers I'm going to ask you to please, the next time you think about whining to your wife about your long day at work or your sore throat, consider the fact that she had another human being inside of her for 9 months and then pushed it out of a hole the size of a pencil eraser, maybe even more than once. Do you really think she cares that you had to wait 10 minutes at Starbucks for your coffee?


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