Friday, December 3, 2010

Gywn, Please Don't Banish Me

I have a feeling after Gwyn reads this post, I'm going to be thrown out of the challenge or at the very least put on hard core probation.
Yesterday was insane. On a non-sexual note, I had 2 huge papers due and a presentation to do in class. I'm almost finished for the semester, but I'm highly stressed...so maybe that will explain/excuse some of my other behavior. I woke up to texts from Texas regarding the video I made for him. He LOVED it. It sparked another entire day of texting with him and I swear if he lived here again, I could see myself wanting to actually date him. I like him, but I know it's one of those things that will never, ever be...so I'm just having fun with his flirtation. We have a webcam "date" tonight, but we're having some timing issues due to his location and mine and the fact that he's currently hunting and sleeping in a trailer with like 4 other guys. We're still texting today about maybe putting that off until he gets home Sunday. Ya'll, I'm hot for that boy. I cannot wait until I get to see him in March!

So, I mentioned the 25 year old that I've been emailing with earlier in the week. He's cute, employed, and a return from someone that I talked to earlier in the year but never actually met. He just sort of fizzled out after a while, but I think now it was b/c he was super busy at his previous job. He used to work in investment banking, but presently he's a waiter at the resort Gavin and I went to last weekend with the kids and he also works for a chain restaurant that I'm very much not a fan of...but I digress. I'm going to call him "Penn" since he's from there and may be a reoccurring player on the team. Penn emailed me this week about going out Thursday night after I finished school. He was fairly non-committal in his approach and in the interest of the challenge I just let it ride with no response to his last email. He texted me yesterday during class and I responded. He said that he'd like to go out, but again was kind of vague about where. I finally caved and just picked a place. I didn't have really high expectations, but decided to give it a whirl anyway.

OMG, I'm so glad I did! He's about 100 times cuter in person that he is in the picture he sent me. He's super tall...like 6'4" or so. When I got there, he was sitting at the bar and we ordered drinks and food. He was adorable and charming and asked me loads of questions about me. You know how some men like to just talk about themselves?? Well, not this one...I mean he did share quite a lot too, but it wasn't all about him. He's educated (degree in Business...wants his Masters), super hot, and he thinks I'm funny. After we had 2 drinks and ate dinner, the bar was switching over to their night staff and he closed out our tab. He walked me to my car and hugged me goodbye. I was totally confused by this gentlemanly behavior and actually wondered on the way home if the date hadn't gone as well as I'd thought. He didn't ask when he could see me again, he didn't seem to want to continue the date last night beyond those drinks and dinner, and he didn't attempt to kiss me good night. Hmmmm...I'm not used to this.

I've alluded to what happened next because I named him. Penn sent me a text about 30 minutes after I left that said "Drive safe...southern belle". Awww, ok that was nice. So I replied "Thanks, I did...I'm safely home" about 10 minutes later. The delayed reply was because I was on the phone with Gavin. Much later in the evening when I finally did truly arrive at my house, I had an email from him saying how much he enjoyed meeting me and would like to see me again. So, we're going out after he gets off Saturday night. He's young, but he's sooo hot and seemingly very smart.

Ok, back to the rest of the evening now. Gavin called me when I was about 30 minutes from home. He was pissed about something with the gf and wanted me to come over and hang out and listen to him bitch I guess. He realized quickly that I was driving home and asked why I was out so late. I told him I'd had a date. Holy crap, the inquiry that followed was crazy. He clearly hates it when I date and I had to re-establish with him all night last night that he doesn't get the right to be pissy about this or really to ask any questions about it. It didn't stop him though. I did end up going over there and we hung out drinking and getting high for a few hours. Finally at 12:30am, I was exhausted and he was inside on the phone fighting with the gf and I just went to my car to drive home. (I drove to his house b/c I stopped on the way home.) He'd been very flirty after he realized that I didn't have sex with Penn, but he'd pissed me off enough about it at that point that I'd already decided earlier in the night I wasn't giving him anything. At one point he made a comment about how he thought I was content and that he was surprised I was looking for someone else...I told him I am content and I'm not looking for a bf, but since he has a gf I'm FREE to DATE whoever I want to, whenever I want to. I actually think I may have yelled this at him finally. So, I got into my car and he comes bounding out of the house asking me where I'm going. I was like "Dude, I'm going home. I'm tired, it's late, and I have to work tomorrow". (As it ended up, I'm taking a mental health day.) He was finally like, "Ok well I guess I'll see you later...I"m hanging here since I just started this fire.". I said I'd see him later and pulled out. I think that poor boy is super confused and a little stunned by me right now...lol.

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