Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Young Ones Are Confusing

Last night was date #2 with Penn and I'm happy to say it ended with several very happy endings. We met up in town when he got off from work at 11pm. Let me just say that this is not something I can keep up, but for one night it was great. I had stopped for wine so he could go home and shower and we sat out on the beach for hours talking and laughing. We were spread out on a blanket, sipping wine, laying back and looking at the stars and nothing. No hand holding, no kissing, no accidental touches...he got up at one point and covered me with a towel (I guess I looked cold...it was sweet, but random). 
Finally, I was at the point where the night needed to move forward or I needed to go home. I asked him if he was tired since he'd worked all night. He asked me what I was thinking? I laughed and sought clarification. He invited me up to his place, but still nothing...not even in the elevator on the way up. We go in, I go to the bathroom, he goes to the bathroom, and we're sitting on his bed and he pulls me over to lay on him. At this point, I was like 'Dude, c'mon...it's like 2am'. He finally kissed me softly on the side of my face and I moved up so he could kiss my lips. It didn't start out as an Earth shattering kiss, but it ended up going there. He was so timid at first, but then he got it and went with it. 
He spent eons on foreplay, but he was making me cum so I didn't complain. Normally, I'm not big on foreplay because I really prefer the main course and honestly most men aren't that great at it because they are so focused on getting to the main course themselves. So, we did this for a while and then he entered me and omg...he's huge. He has roommates, so it had to be really quiet sex. As you guys have read, I'm not great at that but thanks to Gavin coming over horny all the time...I've improved. We finished the first round and were laying there and he was all cuddly and touchy and cute. Then I suggested that maybe I should go since it was 3:30am and he looked at me and said "What are you thinking going now?". 
Round 2 started because he rolled me over, pinned me down, and started kissing me again. He skipped foreplay this time and just started fucking me. I don't direct men a lot the first time much for several reasons. 1. I want to see what they've got on their own. 2. Usually they are nervous/excited/shy/whatever...so I don't want them to feel like they aren't doing it "right". and 3. I tend to keep my total freak flag under control until I know them better and know their fetishes. He asked and I just said something lame like "I like this...what you are doing right now!". Then as if he read my mind, he flipped me over on my back into my most favorite position. SCORE! We came super hard and I did tell him afterwards that this is my absolute favorite way...he agreed. Owen rocks that position, but Gavin won't do it and I wish he would. Gavin wants me up in doggie style. Anyway, then he told me that he would walk me to my car. I told him I'd be fine, but he insisted. It was quite a few blocks away and really late/early...so I was pretty happy he did. 
He kissed me at my car, let me go, and then pulled me back...but I haven't heard a word from him today. I don't know if he's trying to not be too clingy or what (which is a good thing) and you guys know I'd die before I contacted him but I'm kind of curious if he wants to do it again. During the date portion of our night, he did make lots of references to future dates, outings, etc with me. Ok, I'll stop now...I'm over analyzing and being a stupid girl. If nothing else, it was a fabulous night with a super hot guy! 

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  1. Penn seems great! I can't wait to see how this goes!