Monday, December 27, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Much like Jules I’m ready for this holiday season to be over with and a new year to get underway. Soon after the New Year we’re supposed to contact the divorce attorney so he can get the papers ready to be filed as soon as March gets here.  How crazy to think I only have three more months of being “married.” This past year has flown by!

Things with Coach are motoring along.  He calls when he says he’s going to call, he communicates well, he’s affectionate, he’s busy enough with his own life to not be a clinger, he’s making plans for us.  I can’t help but feel like I’ve hit a home run here.  I keep feeling like I’m waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop but all seems well on the home front at the moment.  I’m excited to go out with him on an “official” date on New Year’s Eve. Every other time we’ve been together it’s either been a casual thing with other friends or just at my place which doesn’t nearly count as a date.  At any rate, with as much time as we’re spending on the phone I’m going to have to change my cell phone plan soon or I’m going to be going over my minutes!

I did make an interesting (and somewhat momentous) decision to invite him along to a basketball game I’m taking Leo and my nephew to on Wednesday. This will be the first guy I’ve officially introduced one of my kids to. I mean they’ve known a few of the guys from the pool this summer but none that I’ve ever initiated any sort of outing with and none they’ve been around for more than a few minutes in passing. 

Leo asked me a few questions about who this “Coach” guy who I’ve been talking to on the phone and today when I told him Coach was going with us he asked a few more.  He wanted to know things like how tall he was, where he worked, and if he had kids. HA! Leo also seems especially interested in him because Coach used to play baseball.  It’s going to be so weird to introduce them face to face!

I’m just glad that Duckie crossed the new relationship/meeting the kids threshold first. That way if one day down the road the kids are mad about the divorce or something they will remember that Daddy “strayed” first. HA! That’s so wrong but it makes me laugh!

Today Leo was talking to Duckie on the phone and before I knew it he was telling him everything I’ve told him about Coach and how Coach was going to the game with us.  I started laughing and I was a little freaked out.  Duckie’s just so hot and cold I never know how he will take things.  I talked to Duckie for a few minutes after Leo’s gossiping and he did seem a little stunned. I guess just because this is the first guy that is clearly involved in my life in some way who is going to be around the kids.  I wonder if this weird relationship with Duckie will ever not feel weird anymore.

I’m reading this book called The Beach House by Jane Green. It’s about all these random people who end up in the same bed & breakfast in Nantucket. Most of them are going through divorce in one way or another and it speaks very eloquently about some of the issues of divorce.  It’s a good light-hearted read if you’re looking for something like that.  And no I’m not only reading divorce fiction LOL. I know I’ve mentioned a few books lately but I’ve just been on a reading jag and stumbled on a few good ones at the library.  Regardless, it’s a good read and I recommend you pick it up.



  1. "This will be the first guy I’ve officially introduced one of my kids to."

    That's freaking huge! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys.

  2. Thanks Diner! Good to see you back in the blog world. Hope all is well with you!