Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top 10

Top Ten Signs Things Might Not Be Working In Your Relationship
1. She puts your stuff in the yard sale box upon moving in. 
2. She refuses to give you Internet on the computer in your house after you let her move in (for free).
3. Her kid hates you...still (7 years later).
4. You get yelled at all day long at home (and did I mention this is after you let her move in for free??).
5. Your friends refuse to be around her.
6. Your friends are all tired of hearing you complain about her and have thus decreased their contact with you.
7. She complains about everything you do for her, even the nice things.
8. She cheats on you. 
9. You cheat on her the entire time you've been back together (since March).
10. You call your pt gf (see #9) to ask if you can move back in for a week just to get away from her. 
I'm just saying...
In happy news, my STD results came back today with an all clear. At least her cheating on him didn't infect me with anything...thankfully. I wish she would just crawl into a hole, but honestly I told Miranda today that her living with him again makes me look awesome! In sad news, Gavin's dog is super sick again and she may have to be put down. I'm trying to not think about it because I love that dog...a lot. 
Penn and I ended up not hanging out last night. I think he got called into work, though he was vague. He texted me mid afternoon to see if I could come over before class, which I couldn't. I can't figure out his deal. He's hot, but young...so I'm pretty whatever about it. He's been texting me off and on today. Miranda compared his pattern to FJB...maybe I should run now! 
Texas has slowed his hourly contact to just once a day. He got really pissed about the cactus incident it seems. He said it sounded like part of a story, so I told him the whole story and then I think he believed me finally. If not, I don't care. I like talking to him, but I know it's not going anywhere so if he's going to get pissy over stupid shit, aloha.  


  1. Very funny! Um, how could Texas have anything to get pissed about at you? He doesn't live in Hawaii, you certainly aren't in any sort of relationship nor do you have the potential to be in a relationship, and hell, if you were going to make up an excuse you'd do a damn site better than saying you fell into a cactus.

    First Penn sounds like FJB, now Texas is sounding like College Crush. Are you trying to steal my gimp signals lol?


  2. LOL, I don't know what the deal is with Texas...you're totally spot on and I told him the exact same thing. If I didn't want to talk to him, I'd have said so...I wouldn't have picked the cactus.
    Yeah, Penn is definitely an emotional gimp though he did show a different side last night in his efforts to get me to come to town. While it was cute, I declined...although I do want to see him again.