Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TMI Tuesday - Is Anybody Out There?

Have you passed on an opportunity to have sex with anyone that now you wish you’d slept with?
Ummmm, Miranda doesn't really pass up opportunities to sleep with anyone. I was telling Gwyn last night I might need a chastity belt to stick with this challenge thing. - Miranda
One time I had the chance to sleep with one of Justin Timberlake's backup singers in Memphis but I didn't as he was sort of a big fatty - I still wish I would've just to see if I could've met Justin. And yes, he really was a backup singer I saw him singing about a year later on TV at Justin's NYC concert performance. All I could think was damn I was so close yet so far away!!!! - Gwyn
Not really...I've pretty much done anyone I've wanted. There are a select few one night stands that I would like to have revisited, but that's about it. -Jules

What is your most embarrassing sexual moment?
I can't remember any embarrassing moments per se. I've had sex I'm embarrassed to admit though!  Like the time Sawyer and I did it in his living room while his kid was in the bathtub. That was so disgusting and sketchy. - Miranda
Nothing embarrassing enough for me to remember. -Gwyn
Miranda, it's not like they were watching! I would say my most embarrassing moment was the first time I experienced "queifing". I had NO idea wtf was going on. - Jules

When, where, and with who was your best kiss ever?
There was this guy in college I lusted after for years. I called him Liam Neeson well because he looked like a young Liam Neeson.  I finally had the chance to hook up with him and we were out at a bar and it started snowing. We spent the evening with his friends and then walked back to his house in the snow.  Up in his room he was kissing me which was awesome enough but then I walked over to look out the window at the snow and he came over and started kissing my neck, spun me around, and whipped off my shirt. My bare back was pressing up against the ice cold window when he gave me the most amazingly erotic kiss.  As chance would have it, I remember very little else of that night but that moment was more than enough! - Miranda
Ha. You know I'm not answering this one guys. -Gwyn
Oh dear lord, I can't possibly remember the best kiss ever...I will say that Owen is an awesome kisser though and the very passing of his lips onto mine makes my knees weak and as much as it pains me to admit it, Clark was a great kisser too.  - Jules

If you could only have one, which would you choose: love that lasts forever or great, body numbing sex?
Damn it! I'm a romantic! I'd take the love! No wait, the sex. No the love. No the sex. Maybe I'm bipolar- Miranda
Sex that lasts forever. -Gwyn
Really, do I have to type it out? You guys know my answer by now...SEX! - Jules

If you had one last f*ck in you where and who would you have it with?
Ohhh hard question.  If I go with the pure "sex" side of me, I'd say Flyboy in my bed (hey I have a fucking awesome bed - everyone says so).  Damn everything about him pure perfection! - Miranda 
Not surprisingly, I wouldn't really care who it was. I could tell you a few people it WOULDN'T be with, does that count? -Gwyn
Owen - he's a SEX GOD. If I were destined to only fuck one person one more time...it would SO be him and the location would be irrelevant.
- Jules


  1. HAHAHA! These questions/answers make us sound like big sluts! I will say I remember the first time I did was Jules did and it was mortifying. I just didn't think about it when I was answering that question.


  2. Those were pretty good. Miranda stop worrying I refer to it as the same sexual freedom men have had for a long time.

    Can I steal a question or two??


  3. Of course you can PY!