Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Risky Business

Last night Coach came over for a little while.  With the kids I’ve been on lockdown and thankfully he’s been more than content to come hang out for a couple hours after the kids have gone to bed.  Just another check mark on the manifesto list for him.  If you’re keeping track, now he’s hitting 24 out of my 25 requirements!

So then the funniest thing happened last night. We were snuggling on the couch (don’t gag Gwyn!) and we started laughing about how since that first night, it’s been like we’ve been in high school.  Just making out and always with a chaperone near by (i.e. the kids).  This cracked us up greatly and led to a lot of funny high school story sharing. During this time, my mom kept texting me. I always feel compelled to answer when she texts or calls because I know if I don’t she starts freaking out about me not responding.  Plus I just feel like I need to give her more attention since my dad died.

Anyway, she texts several times and I text her back which only adds to the high school atmosphere.  Coach and I started kissing and things were getting heated and I heard my text chime a few times on my phone but I wasn’t about to stop and answer in that moment.  Things got more heated and I knew I needed to take control of the situation or we’d end up in bed and I really didn’t want that to happen just yet.  And quite honestly Coach is a gentleman, for lack of a better word, and I don’t know if he’d be entirely comfortable getting it on with the kids in the vicinity.  So I grabbed the bull by the reins (pun intended) and things devolved into me essentially giving him a hand job. Talk about feeling like I was in high school!

Let me just add that it’s been a looooong time since I gave a full on hand job and I have to say, I impressed myself. HA! So things finish and literally right after he “finishes” my phone starts ringing.  People - my hand was literally still on him and my freaking mom was calling!  I knew it was her because she’d been texting me and it was 11:15 and there are very few people who could call that late.  I started laughing and apologized to Coach and said I had to answer it.

I grabbed my phone and sure enough it was my mom.  She started asking questions about the basketball game we’re going to in a few days and I told her I’d given the extra ticket to Coach. As soon as I said his name I totally dissolved into a fit of giggles because of the compromising position we were in and the fact that I was talking to my mom.  He got embarrassed and started laughing though the valiantly smothered his laughter so my mom wouldn’t hear him.

Needless to say, last night felt very much like I was reliving my high school days!


PS - To add to the high school atmosphere, recently I'd noticed that Coach's younger sister had been posting a lot on SoCo's Facebook page.  It came up in conversation and he told me SoCo and his sister have been hanging out.  HAHAHAHA!  Me and my friends used to "share" boyfriends in middle school and early high school so this definitely feels like deja vu!

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