Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Man Down

We have a man down...I repeat...man down. Gavin called me this afternoon to tell me that he's sick. He sounded sick. I felt sorry for him and almost offered to take him some medicine and then I remembered he HAS a gf to do that kind of stuff. Since he's NOT my bf, I don't have to take care of him because there is nothing worse than a sick man. They act like no one in life has ever had a cold/the flu/etc. before them. He called back  and asked if he could come over later and watch some TV and make soup here for himself. I said "I guess so...", but really I meant to say was "No way man, keep your germs at home.".

Anyway, he came over much later and brought me some chicken soup that he'd made at his house (yay!). You got to love a guy that's sick and brings you food. IN light of that development, I did give him some cold medicine and babied him some. He ate, watched TV, and just hung out before crawling home...bless his heart.

Here's the latest with the gf drama...she's temporarily moved into Gavin's and put her stuff in storage and is allegedly going to CA at the end of the month citing that she's "over" Hawaii. What really happened is her kid's dad bought him a one way ticket to CA. She's unemployed b/c she's burned all her bridges here and no one will hire her and she can't afford to lose the child support. Although, I need not worry about a decrease in the frequency of visits with his living arrangement because he's been over the last two nights. I'm glad the kid is going though because I was literally moments from calling CPS. I told him the other night to stop telling me stuff because as a social worker I take my role to mandatory report abuse and neglect very seriously even in my personal life and she's a very negligent parent. Ok, I'm off my soap box.

In other boy news, Texas is continuing to call and/or text me daily. It's very "normal", not sexual conversations like he's decided we're friends now or something. I mean I like him, but it's just a weird, random turn of events that I didn't see coming. This is funny stuff...he told me last night that he has 3 heads mounted in his house (from hunting). One is in the living room, one in the office, and one in the bedroom. OMG, EWWWW! I still have not heard a word from Penn, so maybe that was a one night stand. Who knows?

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