Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Queen of Awesome"

It seems this new title has been bestowed upon me by Gavin and his friend. Last night, Gavin showed up about 8:30 at my house with a friend of his. It seems he brought this friend over as a present to me...a threesome present. Once I warmed up to the idea and after some mild protest where I told him I'm not his whore, I was pretty into it. We've actually discussed it before and I'd told him I was down with it, but he'd never materialized anyone so I thought he was just turned on by the idea. No, it seems he wanted some real , live porn. By the way, my protest was merely for show because I fucking love three ways.

He pulled me into my bedroom and told me that he wanted to watch me with his friend. (This friend is visiting from Maui, so we won't bother naming him.) He told me that his friend (who is like 6'4") is super hung. I'm not entirely sure how he knows this, but he wasn't exaggerating. Damn, thanks for the gift Gavin! I blew the two of them and then they went out to get some recreational substances and to come back for some more fun. Sadly, I'm on my period so I wasn't sure how full access this party was going to be because some men find that so horrific. When they came back, we were all a little high and fooling around. Friend decided he really didn't care if I was bleeding or not...Gavin wasn't as keen on it, but he watched and joined in as well.

At one point, the friend was entering my ass when there was a knock at the door. Who should it be? Russell...it seems he needed Tums. We scrambled to get dressed, the friend hid out in my bathroom, and Gavin nonchalantly moved himself to my desk chair. We looked guilty as sin, but Russell hasn't asked about it yet. I handed him the Tums and we went right back into it. About 10 minutes passed and Gavin announced that someone was at my door knocking...hmmm. It seems his truck was blocking the road and the neighbors needed him to move. Fortunately, there were NO further interruptions. The friend is a super horny dude and he just went at me all night. Gavin kept telling him all of my favorite things and the friend would just do them. It was fantastic! Finally, I was exhausted and knew I had to get up early for work the next day so I suggested we call it a night. They left and all but high fived me in their fawning and telling me how awesome I am. Men can be really good for the ego sometimes.

I headed to bed and fell into a super sound sleep when about 1am I wake up to Gavin standing over me talking. It shocked the shit out of me. I sleep hard, especially after drinking a ton of wine. He said the gf had thrown him out (of his house that he pays for) and he wanted to get into bed with me. What it seems he really wanted was to make sure we were ok, have me blow him again, and continue telling me how awesome I am. I told him his "gift" had surprised me because he gets so bent out of shape when I go out. He differentiated the two by saying that he knew this guy and he knew it was just a random thing. After about an hour, he decided to man up and go back to his house that he pays for and I fell back into a very deep, satisfied sleep.

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  1. Damn Jules! That's all I have to say about that!