Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Luck Charm

I started off today having a really shitty day. Actually, I've been in a mood for the last few days. I've been cooped up in a house with a bunch of kids running around all hopped up on sugar. It's been raining like a mother fucker on this island and I was ready to build an ark. (Sit and laugh about the irony of that statement for a few.) I can take about a day of that, but 5 is a bit more than mama's nerves can take on. The last two nights, I've agreed to let Chloe have kids over for sleepovers. I'm not terribly fond of the set of twins she had over last night and they were stressing me out some. Gavin came by and then bolted after a few minutes - wishing me "good luck with that".  He came back over later, but he pissed me off and I sent him home. Penn texted me for birthday sex last night since it was his birthday, but I had kids home alone so I had to decline. I promised to make it up to him though.

Ok, so I wake up this morning still pissed at Gavin. I go out to do laundry and on the second load, my dryer quits. I try various things and nothing. Our machines sit outside, so the shelf life isn't going to be long...but I really didn't need that today. We're always broke after Christmas too. I called Gavin to see if he could help, but since he lost his phone on Christmas it went straight to voice mail. I thought he would have found it by now, but it seems not. I called another friend who had just asked me the other day if I needed a washer and dryer and found out she had it still, so I covered that situation painlessly. Then, I go to turn the TV on for Chloe and nothing...blue screen and then totally black. I assumed the picture had gone out. We leave our windows open all the time and again, short shelf life of things here with the salt air is to be expected, but on the same day...really?? I'd about had it by this time.

Owen texted me to tell me how hot last Tuesday's lunch was and wanted to see if I could meet him again today. I said "Absolutely!". We sexted some and I got the hell out of dodge to go play with him. I was telling him about my morning and he was appropriately sympathetic and probably happy I didn't break his dick since I was breaking everything else I touched. He gave me some chocolate covered potato chips and wished me a better day, noting that he hoped the last 45 minutes had improved it. It did! I told Miranda I heart him today.

I was out on the beach languishing in my after sex with Owen on the first sunny day in forever, when Russell texted me to tell me that the dryer and the TV seemed to be working fine now. As it turns out, I'm still not sure about either and think they are both about to die but they are ok for now.

About 3 hours into my beach time, Gavin pulls up. He'd come by the house and Russell had given up my location. He's always playful and cute when he's knows I'm pissed at him. It's part of his charm. He came over and acted like he was going to push my chair over in the sand and we sat and talked. I told him why I was pissed at him over last night and he tried to justify himself, which he couldn't. I let it go and we hung out for a while talking. He invited me to dinner and a movie, but I'll probably only do dinner with him since I should be home when Russell and Chloe get back. I made a big fuss over Russell going to a "friend's" house the other day when Chloe was home sick, so it wouldn't look good if I turned around and went out tonight...especially since it's only been a week.


  1. What did Gavin do to piss you off?


  2. Came over high when my kid was still awake...not fucking cool. I threw him out.