Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This has been quite the different Christmas.  Last year this time I was still devastated about my dad and I was living in the aftermath of telling Duckie I thought our marriage was over.  Every day I dreaded going home not knowing if he would be screaming and yelling or just glaring at me in stony silence.  I was still breaking down a lot about my dad and the poor kids were so confused by all the swirling emotions I can’t even imagine what they thought was going on. To say the least, home was not a happy place last Christmas. 

This year has been quite delightful though!  Christmas Eve was spent with my family where my mom’s “new guy” was there for the family gathering. He’s an old friend of the family who I’ve known my whole life and I think he’s been subtly moving in on her the last month or so. She maintains they are just friends but hearing her talk and giggle about him paints quite the different picture. It’s weird to say the least but as long as she’s happy.  I’ll have to post more about this relationship later.

Last night Coach called me and since his kids were with their mom I invited him over to hang out for a little while after the kids went to bed.  It was another incredibly entertaining and comfortable evening.  It just feels really good to be with him.  I told Gwyn and Jules I was smitten.  Gwyn had to give me a hard time and say she’s heard that phrase before so I had to fess up that I actually like “like” Coach and not in the crazy, obsessed self-esteem crushing way that I liked FJB.  It’s good and he makes me smile so much. I’m very interested to see where this goes.  Still no sex! I’m holding out for a little bit longer before a repeat performance!

Since I have the kids for the next several days I’m very interested to see how things amp up when we’re both child-free.  Miraculously we have the same visitation schedule with the kids so that’s going to very valuable in the future.  Still no signs of gimpness or clinger syndrome in Coach.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Randomly because Duckie is taking care of his girlfriend I realized we were essentially spending Christmas under the same roof, just in different apartments.  Weird but funny. He came up this morning to see the kids and it was actually a relatively normal family moment.  My brother-in-law was giving me (well us) last night props for the way we’ve handled our separation and divorce.  All in all, it’s been really smooth and drama free for the most part. I had high hopes that we’d be able to minimize everything for the kids’ sake and I think we have. Thank heavens Duckie got out there and started dating or I think the story would be very different!

In random other news, I’ve gotten Merry Christmas text from almost every guy I’ve been involved with. Very odd these boys.  And we actually got snow so we’re having a white Christmas. How cool!


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