Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Slam Dunk Kind of Night

Last night was the basketball game that I took Leo, my nephew, and Coach to.  It was a blast!  Coach was incredibly cute with the boys. It’s funny, while we were sitting there eating dinner I kept thinking about past team members and how they would have acted around the boys.

FJB would have been incredibly awkward and probably wouldn’t have related unless they had a pile of Legos that he could use his engineering knowledge on and even then I think the boys would have treated him with some level of weirdness.  Lawyer Boy would have tried but he’d have been such a spaz and probably started talking about dance music so the boys probably wouldn’t have given him the time of day.  Crazy IT would have probably scared the boys to death with his intensity and impossibly high standards.  SoCo would have been ok though I don’t see him holding real conversation with the boys and he definitely wouldn’t have been as comfortable as Coach was.

I’m sure Coach’s comfort level has to do with the fact that he has two sons himself but still.  There’s just something about a guy who is comfortable around kids that makes them extra appealing.  Like it shows a softer side of them or something.  Jules has talked about her delight at Gavin’s attention to Chloe and I think she’ll totally agree, a guy being good with kids is just HOT!  Maybe it’s a mom thing or maybe not. Gwyn – what do you think about a guy being good with kids? 

Also while we were sitting at dinner, I told Coach that Gwyn was at the game too. He’s heard me talk about her and knows we have a close relationship and funnily enough he seemed more nervous to meet her than he did the kids.  It’s so weird how introducing a guy you like to your friends is so nerve-wracking. I’ll totally admit I was more than a little nervous about introducing him to Gwyn.  I mean you always want your friends to like your guy and Gwyn is definitely no exception to that. Because we were at a basketball game they only met in passing but let’s hope he passed the Gwyn test!

The game was a blast and I had a lot of good-natured fun torturing Coach because this was the team he hates but he’s a good enough sport to go just to spend time with me.  I tortured him at one point by posting to my Facebook that we were at the game which gave Jules great delight and ammunition for torturing me via text.  I shared some of her texts with Coach which he found quite hilarious.  I told him that me, Jules, and Gwyn all give each other a hard time and he said we sound like a handful. If he only knew! 

After the game we turned into those people, you know the people who totally forget where they parked their car and we had to wander around the parking lot for about 10 minutes to find it.  The boys found that hilarious and made lots of jokes at Coach’s expense.  They also grilled him on everything from his shoe size to how tall he was to what position he played in baseball to why he drove the car he drove and what music he liked. 

Afterward some of Coach’s friends were trying to get us to come out for a while so they could meet me. Apparently he’s been talking about me – haha!  We were going to go but I wanted to change first. I mean I had been at a basketball game and though I’m sure I looked cute, I really didn’t want to meet his friends dressed in sneakers and a hoodie!  So we went back to my place so I could change and we chilled out for a while and started talking.  Before we knew it more than an hour had gone by. It was getting late and since Coach had to work we decided to stay in.  We’re going out with all of them on New Year’s Eve so I’ll meet them Friday. They did give him a hard time for us ditching them!

I actually let him stay the night last night since I was child-free and I can’t believe we managed to sleep in the same bed and not cross the line!  We played some but we kept it PG, well PG-13.  Let’s just say he has way more self control than me!  I did send him on his way though early this morning before Duckie dropped the kids off. 

Have I mentioned I’m so ready for New Years Eve? LOL!


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  1. Miranda,

    To answer your questions:

    I agree that a guy who is good with kids earns extra hotness points and it can definitely be a turn on. For me personally, I've had so many bad experiences related to dealing with guys with kids (not the kids themselves, just the situation) that I've become sort of turned off by them now :( the men not the kids lol

    As for Coach, I didn't get to talk to him except to say 'hi' but he gave off a really good vibe. He seemed friendly and I could tell he was happy to be there! From what you tell me about him, he sounds really mature and grounded and with more potential than any of the other team members have had. Maybe Coach will be the one to turn party girl Miranda into domestic goddess Miranda????? Lollollollol!!!!