Saturday, December 4, 2010

That's It...I'm Out

I'm throwing myself out of the challenge. I suck, which is exactly the problem. Gavin came over tonight and I felt badly for being so hard core last night with him that well...see the inference above. He made mention of the rare form I showed up in. It shocked the shit out of him, which is/was the very nature of the challenge but as you can see I'm only able to do it in very small spurts. I like my boys and I like the mutual giving of attention, damn it.

Otherwise, it was a very low key day. I laid around and recovered from last's night total overindulgence of substances and did nothing. I texted some with Texas, but he actually fell asleep before I could get online for our "date". Penn and I emailed a good portion of the late morning and early afternoon and I'm super excited to see him tomorrow.

Clark sent me an IM today telling me to leave my door unlocked tomorrow night. Um, the fuck you say...no way! When he asked why not (seriously), I actually gave him a list of reasons. He told me that the slave is leaving in a few weeks and that he's probably getting kicked out of the military for the things that came up during the investigation this fall. I told Miranda that while I feel guilty wishing for that outcome, it would be really nice if he moved off my island. If you're wondering, I respond to his IM messages for fear that if I don't...he may actually try to come find me in person. I literally tense up every time I see a car similar to his near my house.

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