Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well it seems like Gavin moving his gf into his house was a bad idea...who would have guessed that outcome? Certainly not me...nope, never once did I suggest the stupidity of that plan. He's been here a lot since she moved in a few days ago. He called me at work today to ask what time I would be home from school and if he could just come over and hang out at my place because he was being yelled at by her at home. I said, "sure" because we weren't home and I knew no one would have to listen to any bitching. I will say that to his credit, he's not being a whiny bitch about it (probably because he knows he would get NO sympathy).

He came back over tonight after I got home and just hung out in my room for a while. I just let him be in there. He was high (which is wearing a little on my nerves again) and he wanted to watch porn (which I'm also over). I made no attempt to engage with him because I was busy doing things. I think it's driving him a little nuts that I'm not touching him. I haven't done anything sexual with him since last Friday and part of it is on purpose because of the aforementioned habits. I'm bored with it again, so I guess it's time to reel it back in. When he's fun, he's sooooo fun...but when he's high and all into the porn, I'm not into him at all.

Penn finally made contact today. He wanted me to come hang out after class, but I had things to do tonight so I offered up tomorrow night. He started a new job this week, so I guess that explains his lack of contact...two jobs is hard. I'm kind of excited to see him again, but I'm also tired. It's the end of the semester, it's PMS week, and I'm a little over people in general right now. I wish I had a retreat!

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