Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reality Bites

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately.  After my weekend of debauchery I’ve just been busy with work. Ok not so much work as much as online shopping for boots and day dreaming with Gwyn about our upcoming trip to Hawaii.

I’m pleased to report that the latest challenge is yet again making big waves on what little remains of Team Miranda.  SoCo has been texting and Facebooking me like crazy.  I don’t know that he’s over the whole Friend thing (I still can’t believe he straight out called me on that) or that he just doesn’t care. He knows I have the kids right now so he’s not proposed hanging out and I don’t honestly know what I’ll say when he does. 

College Crush is back on the upswing.  He’s been texting me a lot lately being his usual entertaining self.  Funnily enough, Duckie and I have been trying to hunt down this one particular item as a Santa present for Ladybug.  It happens to be in stock in College Crush’s town so tonight I asked him if he’d grab one for me. LOL! Guess it pays in more than one way to have a guy in every town.

Hot Chocolate still hasn’t given up!  Every time it’s time for me to pick up Leo, Hot Chocolate says the craziest things to me.  This weekend is Gwyn’s roommate’s birthday and we’ve decided to let Hot Chocolate know what club we’ll be at.  I DON’T want to hook up with him despite his hotness.  But it’d be fun to have Gwyn meet him and see him in some setting other than around the kids.  I’ve instructed Gwyn that under no circumstances am I allowed to hook up with him regardless of my level of drunkenness. Now if Gwyn gets drunk, her chaperoning skills may falter but I’m feeling pretty resolved to keep things right where they are with him.

The big news of the week is that Tuesday night FJB instant messaged me.  He did his weird start up a conversation in a way that sounds like we’ve been talking all day and asked about a bunch of random stuff.  We chatted for a few minutes and then he asked if I was still on Plenty of Fish.  I said my profile was on there but I didn’t check it much, which is true.  I asked him if he’d signed up for Match.com (he’d told me he was a while back) and he said, “No but I am seeing this girl I work with and she just bought a house in my neighborhood.”  WTF!  I sat in stunned/outraged/mildly amused silence for a moment and then he told me he had a phone call and to hang on. I promptly signed off and went to bed.

I lay in bed Tuesday night rethinking my whole fascination with FJB.  I had one of those long conversations with myself where you force yourself to be brutally honest about the way things really truly were/are – not the glossed over movie version you try to believe is reality.  I lay there for along time thinking that I just needed to bite the bullet and eliminate him from my life completely and wondering if I could.  I went to bed quite frustrated over the whole situation. 

I woke up Wednesday morning with the bitter taste of regret in my mouth and promptly deleted FJB from my phone, from my instant messenger lists, my email, and I even un-friended him on Facebook.  Sure he could still contact me if he wanted but at least it’s out of my hands at this point and I don’t even have to see his name anymore.   I’ve deluded myself long enough about his stupid ass and it’s time to move on.  As Jules said, “Out with the old and in with the new.”

Now I just need to find some “new.” 


PS – I’ve been tempted to sign up at Match.com myself lately thinking maybe it’ll be a new group of guys and maybe, just maybe they’ll be of a higher caliber since they are willing to pay for the site unlike the array of losers, geeks, freaks, and aliens on Plenty of Fish.  I don’t know that I will though. Paying to meet people just seems weird though it does seem to work. Hell, even Duckie found someone on there!

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  1. That's a good point about it being a higher caliber of guys...you may remember that Clark is the one that told me about PoF last year...that should have been our sign. LOL!