Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Take that however you want to because Jules has had a  busy week! Last night, I was texting with Texas and Penn sends me a text asking me to come over. Oh Lord, here we go again. I said it would be about an hour and a half before I could get there and he said that was perfect. What...no back and forth about the drive, your roommates,  etc?? Be still my heart.

When I arrived his perfectly tanned, chiseled self was waiting outside for me and helped me find a place to park (parking in town is a bitch and men have in fact been eliminated from my dating pool based on their location and parking availability - not kidding). I swear that man was cut from some great genetics. He's just so yummy.

We went up to his apartment and started watching a movie (the reason for the invite btw, yeah right). We were laying on his bed and he was behind me intertwined in my legs and arms. Then he broke out the move that melts me like butter every single time....he started kissing my neck and behind my ears. I swear to you that I will just totally become a pool the second a guy starts that. We fooled around for a little while and then we got down to it. It was fabulous. He's got a perfect cock and much like the rest of the team, he knows what to do with it and can go for a long time. I was getting ready to leave after we finished because I knew he had to work super early the next morning and he tells me that he'd like for me to stay. I'm not a big fan of spend the night because I sleep weird, but I decided to give it a go. I like sleeping alone and I hate being touched in anyway while I'm sleeping unless you're waking me up for sex. He totally complied with my weird sleeping things without having to be told. When I got up this morning, we fooled around some more and I headed out.

During our post coital cuddle last night, he remarked on how long it had been since he'd had sex last (apparently I'm the only person he's sleeping with) and noted that it was almost 3 weeks since we'd been together. I just said "Um, yeah...it's been a while". I hate when guys do that...is that there passive aggressive way of asking if I've had sex since then because I'm pleading the fifth.

Merry Christmas to our readers and of course, to Miranda and Gwyn! I hope Santa brings everyone what they want this year! This has been a wonderful week of giving!

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