Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Juggling Act

One of these days I'm really going to miss my days off in the middle of the week. Today was a crazy boy day...literally. Gavin showed up this morning first thing for coffee, only he was sick and dry heaving so he heaved on my back deck and then finally went home to rest. He called about 2 hours later and asked if he could come over and have me type up some things for him. I guess in addition to part-time gf, I'm also his administrative assistant. It's a good thing I dictate well. (ROFL)

Between his morning visits, Clark IMs me to tell me that he has bad news. Uh-oh...you never want to hear an ex-lover tell you he has bad news because it usually means you need medical attention. Now as luck may have it, I went yesterday for my bi-annual STD check up and as it turns out what he had to tell me did not require my need for medical attention. It seems his behavior did in fact get him kicked out of the military. We had a weird IM convo. I actually feel sorry for him, but he shut down after telling me his news and refused to talk, so I signed off. It's NOT my problem in life and ultimately there's nothing I can do for him. As much as I want him to move off my island, I do feel really badly for him. Although, this is a lesson on being extra careful who you meet on the Internet. He met this chick, moved her here, and she has fucked his entire life. He's obviously got some serious mental health issues and now he's faced with this, but again....NOT my problem.

Owen texted me around lunch and said that he only had a super short lunch break, but he could come over like RIGHT NOW if I was interested. Of course I'm interested but I'd laid around all morning and had not showered  or even put on make up. Now, Gavin sees me like this all the time but not Owen. I told him yes, but to please take his time so I could at least shower super fast. He came over and we are going at it on the couch. We've already established that is had to be quick one because of his lunchtime time constraints. We're in the midst of things on the couch and there's a knock at the door...FedEx. Owen proceeds to exit me in the fastest manner I've ever seen and races to hide in the bathroom. I'm dying laughing b/c I know damn good and well the FedEx man knows exactly what's going on and I laughingly ask him to please just leave the package. See, I leave my windows open all the time here and Owen and I have LOUD sex...so he knew. He leaves it and bless his heart, Owen manages to stay hard through this and we get back into it and Gavin calls. I usually silence my phone during sex, but Owen and I were texting while he was driving over and I forgot. Blissfully, he ignored it and I'm guessing Gavin wasn't calling to say he was outside my door. I'm always worried Gavin is just going to show up one day while Owen and I are fucking and I have visions of him just walking in like he always does.

Owen cums and goes and I race over to the school to pick up Chloe and call Gavin back. It seems he wanted to take Chloe and I out on his jet ski. Gavin tow surfs....like 20-40ft waves...so I've been a little apprehensive about going out with him but I knew he'd be awesome with Chloe. We head out and had an amazing time with him. He was super fun to go out with and we rode the waves on his ski. At one point, he let Chloe drive and she actually took us back into the harbor. He's so good with her...patient and kind. He takes his time explaining things to her and such. Sometimes, he really impresses me with the kids.

We get home and Chloe and Russell head out to Chloe's hula lesson. I was supposed to webcam with Texas tonight, but during the outing with Gavin I had an unfortunate run in with a cactus that resulted in a million thorns (or whatever they call the cactus pointy things) in my fingers and palms. I had to text him (slowly) and tell him that I was picking cactus parts out of my hands and there was NO way I was touching sensitive areas of my body. I asked for a raincheck, but he seemed kind of pissed. It's not like I touched the cactus on purpose, trust me.

Gavin called me about 2 hours later and asked if he could come over for a little bit. I said sure, but Chloe and Russell were on the way home and we couldn't start anything because there would be no time to finish. He watched some porn and hung out for a little bit while I cooked and left before they came home. Now this is weird...he came back about 15 minutes later and saw that we were eating and watching TV so he left and then called me like 5 minutes after that to tell me that he appreciated all I'd done for him that day (my admin duties). He went to pick up his kid and I'm off to bed. It's been a fun, productive, and exhausting day juggling them all and making sure the team did not cross paths.

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  1. What a funny story about Owen and Gavin!