Friday, December 24, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Happy holidays blog readers!  I keep thinking of a hundred things I want to post about but then I can’t seem to find the freaking time to do an actual post!  So in short order expect posts on my identity crisis, accepting myself as a party girl, more on how things are developing with Coach, how a strange boy in his 20s that Gwyn and I work with is weirdly texting me, and something poignant about how different this Christmas is from last.  But for today a quick Coach update and a funny story about Duckie. 

So earlier this week I’d taken my wedding dress to work.  There are a lot of details that don’t really matter about why I took it because the funny thing was when I brought it home.  Now the kids had told me that Duckie’s girlfriend was in the hospital (emergency appendectomy) so we’re coming home on Wednesday and I notice Duckie’s car in the parking lot. 

I stood in the parking lot for a minute trying to decide what to do about my wedding dress. I mean it looks pretty freaking weird for me to be carrying it around.  I decided to just roll with the punches and draped it over my arm and started up the stairs.  Right as we got to the second landing where the girlfriend lives, he pops his head out of her apartment.  He was there getting her dog to take care of while she’s in the hospital.

I couldn’t not stop and talk to him so we started chatting. The whole time I was standing there thinking, “Please don’t ask about the dress, please don’t ask about the dress.”  I did see him look at it weird a few times but he never said anything. Lord only knows what he thought I was doing with the dress out in public.  After we parted ways I chuckled up the rest of the stairs just imagining what must have been going through his mind.

In Coach news, Monday night he was supposed to take one of his sons to dinner but the kid ended up eating with his grandparents so Coach proposed he grab some dinner and bring it over to my place. I agreed and because it was short notice I took no great pains to improve my appearance.  Yoga pants and a hoodie were going to have to be good enough! 

So he brought dinner over and we just hung out and watched TV for a while. We talked a ton and laughed at all kinds of crazy stuff.  Coach shared some crazy stories from when he played minor league baseball.  They pretty much confirmed my opinion that boys in their 20s should never be without adult supervision!  He was also really nervous at first which made me crack up. 

I’m determined to slow down the sex train with him so when the kissing portion of the evening came around I busted out my best Gwyn style smack downs and we kept it entirely innocent and PG.  We ended the night with a very sweet good night kiss and with him asking me out for New Year’s Eve, which is pretty much the next time we are both child-free.

So far, he’s still following all the rules and maintaining the “just enough but not so much to be a clinger” communication guidelines.  We’ve talked on the phone every day and texted some too.  He’s pretty much said flat out that he really likes me too and that he can’t wait to spend more time together.  He’s definitely over the 85% threshold now but I need to pull out my list and figure out just how much.

This experience with Coach is quite the different dating experience for old Miranda here.  A guy who communicates, who is comfortable with his emotions, who’s secure enough not to be a clinger, who opens up and says he likes me, who makes plans – he’s clearly some sort of anomaly in the man world. 

And things are really comfortable with him. Like I don’t feel like I can’t or shouldn’t act any certain way. I’m just me and he seems to really be digging that.  And that my friends, is a pretty sweet Christmas present indeed!


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