Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Naughty Santa

So today was one of those totally weird days...the holidays are making my men extra sweet and super horny.
Here's how it started. Well, actually it started last night. I was still pissed at the team last night, so I opted for some stranger sex. He was cute and eager at 25, but he lacked size and we all know by now I love a big dick. He scratched the itch, but he won't be invited back for round 2. Penn was supposed to come over last night, but didn't and finally I called him out on his lack of availability and other issues. He apologized in a meager way and he's on probation at the moment.

Today was a clusterfuck of wtf. If you followed that, extra points for you because I'm drunk and high typing this. Owen sent me a text this morning saying that today would be a great day to hook up. It was rainy and nasty here on the North Shore and there was not much else to do but fuck. I had Chloe though, home sick and napping. We had some super hot phone sex. I mean like the kind we had when we first met 2 years ago and it was on. Finally he asked if he could come over and we could meet up in my driveway since my kid was sleeping. I pondered it and decided that I could probably get away with it, so yes. I texted Miranda earlier that it's too bad I've already used "Queen of the Whores" because I'm thinking today was my reigning day. Anyway, he came over and yes I met him out in his van in my driveway and we fucked like bunnies for about 10 minutes. He made me cum 4 times and I made him cum twice. It was a personal record for both of us in that short of a time span. I was super afraid she was going to wake up, so I bolted after that. It was just a nasty, dirty, hot quickie. This is a man that appreciates my FWB, NSA approach to sex and I appreciate him immensely for that. Incidentally if you're wondering, Chloe woke up about 30 minutes after he left so I was safe.

Later in the day, Gavin rolls up. He noted that I must have been having work done today because he saw a white van in my driveway...uh-oh. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to know the owner of the said white van  but he did get that I was fucking the owner of it. He needed that nudge in life it seems. I told him today that I'm tired of having to ask for it. He said that he'll give it to me when he does and that's why I like him because he's the man. He's kind of right about that part, but not the other...you will give it to me when I tell you to goddammit. Then, he invited me to dinner. I was very confused by this move. It's not often I get thrown a curve ball, but he succeeded today with that move.

He left to cover his bases and we headed out. Chloe joined us and we went to this awesome steak house and feasted on opah and filet and many, many cocktails. Then, he decided that we needed to go Christmas shopping for the kids. We went to Sports Authority and he bought his son a bunch of stuff and Chloe a fishing rod, and I bought his son a tackle box. I told him that if he was buying her this, he would have to be the one to take her out and he was on it. They were so cute together. It makes me get over my shit with him when I see him dote on her. He's really good with her. I mean really, really good.

After our shopping excursion, we headed home. He dropped off his haul and came over to get high and for a blow job. I didn't fight it tonight since he obviously knew I'd been with someone else today but here's the kicker. He said "Baby, please you know I love you, won't you do this for me?" HUH??? We do NOT use the "L" word. Earlier in the night, we discussed his gf leaving and he said she's eventually moving but apparently not like right now and then he referenced us being together at some point. When I tried to talk about it, he totally changed the subject so I'm letting it lie but jesus. I don't know what to do with him right now. He is totally throwing me for a loop. And on that note, I can't fuck him when he's high anyway because he won't stay super hard so he got what he wanted in a way but he couldn't cum...bwahahaha.

Warning to my girls: Gavin is aware that Miranda and Gwyn are visiting next month and has asked if I'll hook him up like he did me last week with his friend...now that would be a blog post. ;) I told him not to hold his breath, but you never know with this trio. HAHA!

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