Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just in Time

This challenge came just in time because I caught myself being a whiny bitch this morning to Miranda about Gavin's lack of contact. Sunday I couldn't get that boy out of my house fast enough...I was busy and he wasn't hearing me. He came over, made himself lunch, watched football all while I'm busting ass trying to write a paper. I was not hospitable. Then, I didn't hear from him all day Monday and Tuesday. He came by Monday, but I got home late...so I'll give him that. I knew he was working a big job this week, but I still got a little pouty about it. Today I was whining and then he got his phone cut back on (yes, really) and he called me like 3 times until he finally got me...but let's back up because some good stuff has happened in between.

Tuesday, I finally got to see Owen after a month. It was loud, screaming, omfg, soaked the sheets kind of sex. I adore that man's cock. You guys have seen it...it's amazing. So not only is he huge, but he knows what to do with it!! He came over and I was ready in the bed for him. We had the aforementioned holy fuck kind of sex and then we hopped in the shower. There really is nothing to do but shower after that kind of sex. In the shower, he starts kissing me and soaping me up and then he remembers he's on his way to get his kids from school so he tells me he has to switch gears and we immediately go to talking about the local school system and our kids. It's hilarious to me that we fuck like we do and then talk about things like which school to send out kids to next year. I honestly still have in my head that parents shouldn't have the kind of sex that we do...but thankfully we do. I think it's because we're not parenting together. He left and I sat around for a few minutes in my after sex with Owen daze where I have to seriously collect my thoughts and regain composure.

That night I got a FB message from Texas that read "Guess who's coming to HI in March?" I replied, "OMG Obama???". He's uber conservative, so I was egging him on  you see. This morning he called me...on the phone...no texting at first...and we had an actual like 30 minute conversation. Odd in my world...Gavin is really the only guy I talk to on the phone and that's because he refuses to text. Anyway, we have this great conversation that really wasn't sexual in nature at all. He got a work call so he had to run and I needed to finish registering for spring semester so I could go to work. By the time he called me back, I was already at work so we moved to texting because I can get away with this as work as opposed to chatting on my cell. We proceeded to spend the next 10 hours having this crazy hot text convo. He finally got really honest and told me that he fantasizes about me all the time, no woman has ever turned him on like I do, and he is dying for March to come so he can see me again. He also got into some fetish stuff about my ability to squirt, but since TMI Tuesday is over I opted out of sharing all the details. ;) Let's just say he's going to drive me nuts (in a good way) until March and I like it!

Cue who? Yep, Gavin...on his 3rd phone call I was finally able to talk (see girls, I did kind of hold out although unintentionally because of work and school). He said he'd been working his ass off this week, but he wanted to come over tonight to see me. Now admittedly when I told Clark that I was waiting until Wednesday to fuck Gavin after doing Owen on Tuesday, I was just being bitchy, but when it presented itself I hopped on it (literally). I was actually exhausted today and wanted nothing more than to come home and crawl into bed, but since Texas had me all worked up...Gavin was a good release. We came and then hung out watching TV for a while. He was in a really cute,  funny mood tonight and we had a great time together. After he left, I made a video that I'd promised Texas and now I'm falling into the bed. It's been a very sexually charged 36 hours, but I'm ready for the challenge now!

PS I figured out my Gavin thing today. I'm lazy and complacent with him because he's so much fun. I like him, despite the fact that he has a gf but I certainly do not see myself with him long term. He's a fun, Mr. Right for right now kind of guy. I will admit that I'd obviously miss him if he wasn't in my life though. I own it and I'm ok with feeling that way about him.

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