Thursday, September 3, 2015

Way Back Wednesday (although now it's Thursday)

Today was weird.  I did go out with Guy #3 tonight. I would name him but since I probably won't ever go out with him again, why bother? We went for drinks at a local bar and it was nice, but just nice...no chemistry and he talked about his drama a lot during the date. I'm a social worker all day, I don't want to hear about your shit in my downtime unless we are friends.
The super weird part of the day though was Clark. Remember Clark from like 4 years ago? He's still in NC but he messages me on FB today and we started chatting and he told me how he had loved me and would welcome me back in his life and oh yeah, did I want a roommate bc he wants to move back to Hawaii?! For real...I told him I had one, Russell. It was so strange though bc even after all this time, these strange feelings resurfaced. I told him with his ability to control people, he really should be using his powers for good. Where in the world did the universe find him?!

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