Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Pool is Open!

Well I have finally decided to date again and it's already been fun, funny, and frustrating. I met a really nice guy that I thought had a lot of potential, but I was wrong. He works like all the time and is very self involved, which is fine. I don't need a clinger. He started off as a clinger and then moved into a weird zone. Then we had sex and it was ok. Ya'll know ok sex is never ok in my book...ever. After that I was kind of like "eh", then we did it again and while the sex was slightly (just slightly) better that time, I found out he snored and asked him to leave. I texted him a few days later and said I was out. I can't date someone that the sex is just ok and he snores on top of it.
Then I met a cop online and a local boy at that. I've never dated a local guy, by that I mean Hawaiian. I like him but his life seems like it has some drama so I'm proceeding with caution. He has an ex wife and 2 kids.  I was supposed to go out with him Sunday but due to a medical issue (hives) on my end I had to bail. I don't know that I want to reschedule, but I might. He seems really nice and he's cute.
Next up, we have the construction worker. He has the most drama and of course the guy I decided to go out with. He and his ex wife are involved in a nasty custody dispute. He wants full custody of his two boys. He's older too, like 12 years older than I am. We may go out tomorrow night if I can commit to it.  It just seems like it could be messy with that whole custody issue. I also don't want two boys hanging around all the time. I like easy. Guy #1 would have been easy but on the flip side it does raise some red flags when a guy is almost 40 and has never been married. I know, I know...you can't please me.
Meanwhile, I am still getting fucked regularly by Owen and it continues to be mind blowing. A guy is really going go have to be impressive for me to ever walk away from that sex. There are no current contenders in that area. Owen sex is the best I've ever had and it's been going strong since 2009.
I read a comment the other day from an old post about how to recover from being cheated on. Um, thanks but I'm the mistress. ;)

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