Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pulling a Gavin

Last night, I was lying across the bed doing nothing of interest. I was actually playing around on Pinterest b/c I just discovered this site. As I’m lounging, I hear my name being called…right outside of my window…at about 10pm. When I responded to AL, he asked if I was home. Uh, yeah…
He invited himself over and as I scrambled to put on pants, he walked around to the porch and came on in and proceeded to lay on my bed with me. We talked for a little bit and he was totally wasted…like I could smell it on him kind of wasted. After a few minutes, the whiny bitch behind me (who he is incidentally friends with) called him on his phone instead of just talking to him right outside, which is funny b/c she screams everything else she wants to say, and he went back over there to hang out. She and I are not friends b/c I’ve called the police on them for parties. They are young and stupid and quite frankly, poor white trash.  I also repeatedly complain to our landlord about them. She is probably very aware of my other activities and doesn’t want me to corrupt her very young, now confirmed 22 year old friend. Anyway, he kissed me and left. Nothing was going to happen anyway…lol. He’s cute but OMG he’s a baby!!!  I’m also pretty sure because of her need to call him on the telephone and not just speak to him that they are aware of our activities last weekend.
Owen texted me last night to tell me that he’s on Kauai with his son until tonight doing a surf competition. He’s going to come over when he gets back this week and drill me. I mean that in two ways…he’s going to have hot, crazy sex with me (the obvious definition here) and he’s going to help me finish setting up a drill press that I bought so that Gwyn and I can shell craft. I don’t like asking him to do things like that b/c it’s kinda boyfriend like and I do not cross that line with him,  but I tried to ask Russell for help and  it became evident very quickly that he was not the man for that job! Perhaps I could ask AL, but I was worried about children operating power tools…lol.
Capt. Awesome is still in the picture. He cancelled pretty last minute on our date Saturday. He claimed he was sick and I basically was like ok, whatever…feel better. I think he actually was sick though, but it made some red flags go off in my head as to whether or not he might still be married. We texted some yesterday and he apologized and said how much he hated missing seeing me, blah, blah. This morning it was more of the same and I finally asked again about his marital status. He’s been reluctant to meet me at night after I finish my other obligations in life and that was another red flag for me, but it turns out that he just gets up super early every day. Now if you are 28 and into a chick, it seems to me that you might be willing to forgo a few hours of sleep to see her…so he’s moved out of the awesome category into the we’ll play this out for another week and see what he does, but if he doesn’t make some effort on his end I’m not going to continue chatting him up. Regarding his marital status, it seems to be what mine is…still legally married for financial reasons, but it’s over and she’s moving back to the mainland when she can afford it. I’m not overly convinced yet.

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