Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cupid Has Aim!

Like I said on TMI, Cupid hit Owen in the ass a few years ago and that man loves to fuck me, which is awesome b/c I love fucking him. Sunday night he was texting me and telling me how awesome he thought  Friday's lunch time had been and how much fun he'd had. I asked him what his week was like this week and he didn't reply until the next morning. I hate when he falls asleep when we're texting, but honestly I've done it too...lol.  He said that he was free right then (Monday morning) for a little while and that he could also probably see me Tuesday and/or Wednesday. 

As luck would have it, I was home on Monday and we met up for a quickie first thing. I didn't even shower. I figure after 3 years he can finally see me with minimal makeup and my hair up in a ponytail. I walked up to meet him near my house and here's a funny story for you. I put the We Vibe in and headed out. The We Vibe had been inserted into my kitty and my ass, until I started walking. As I was walking, it starts coming out. I'm kind of wiggling around trying to keep it in and then my neighbor comes out and waves and starts talking. I'm standing there with this vibe falling out and since I had on skin tight pants, I'm sure it looked like I'd pooped my pants. I was dying laughing on the inside as I walked away. When I got to Owen, I shared this tale and totally cracked up. 

I quickly refocused my hysterical laughing by getting on my knees and taking his cock into my mouth and getting him super close to cumming. Then I could tell he wanted to be inside me, so I pulled back and he told me to show him how the toy had been inside me. I placed it back in and got on my knees for him to enter me in doggie. He gave me about 50 million orgasms, pulled the We Vibe out of my ass and placed it all inside my kitty and started giving me great anal. He came, as did I and we talked about hooking up again this week. 

I got to practicum today and rec'd a sweet Happy Valentine's text from him. As I've mentioned, I'm not a fan of this Hallmark holiday and I don't really wish boys Happy Valentine's if I'm not actually in a relationship with them, but he wishes me happy holiday on pretty much all of them. I fully expect a 'Happy President's Day to my Hot MILF' next Monday. (I'm not kidding. It's kind of cute though, so I let it slide.) I read a texts from last night on FB today that cracked me up and made me think of him b/c I suspect this is what he probably wants to say. It read " Ya know since we have a lot of sex with each other I figure I should wish you a Happy Valentine's Day". 

As the day ended up, we couldn't meet for lunch b/c my schedule was weird at practicum for a variety of reasons today but mostly b/c I was leaving early b/c Russell and Chloe are sick and also b/c someone was bringing lunch in for us. We had decided to just meet up in the morning, but then I got a text from him asking if I was still free this afternoon. I told him that I was, but needed to meet him out b/c everyone was home sick. We met up near my house for some fabulous sex. I cannot believe how much that man satisfies me sexually...still. It still amazes me. Anyway, we had hot sex where I rode him and then hopped off and asked him for more doggie b/c he rocked it yesterday. Finally after I'd cum a lot, he asked if he could finish by fucking my big, pretty tits. Of course he could!! He came all over me and I licked him clean as he rubbed his cock around my mouth. We cleaned up and made out some before he had to go pick up his kid. 

Then I came home to a bunch of sick, whiny people. Chloe bitched about dinner (which incidentally was one of her most favorite meals) and then threw a tantrum b/c I wouldn't give her dessert. Then she proceeded to be super dramatic all the way up until bedtime bitching about living in HI and pretty much how I've ruined her life by moving her away from her family. Some days I would like to run away and join the circus. It's sad when your married lover is the only damn one who appreciates you! Well in all fairness, Russell thanked me for making dinner and doing the dishes in between his whining about being sick. 

PS Chloe and I just had an apology cuddle fest...all is right in the universe again. I really wish she would stop these tantrums though! 

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