Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sick Sex

Actually,  it was some of our very best yet in my opinion!! Owen has been sick all week! (You thought this was going to go another way didn't you...lol) He came back from an outer island trip with his son and caught a nasty cold. I didn't see him Wednesday morning b/c I didn't want to catch it and apparently he was just gross that day (according to him). We had talked about seeing each other for lunch today and him coming to the house to teach me how to work my new drill press. I cleared the house of all other inhabitants and we were set and then last night I discovered that I also have a cold. It seems the entire island is suffering from this cold and someone was nice enough to pass it along...awesome, thanks. Fortunately since we both have it, we didn't have to worry about infecting the other one so we were ON.

He came in and got right now to business...me. He started licking me and fingering me and made me cum several times this way and then he pulled out the we vibe (OMG still love, love, love it) and we started having sex with that. After several more orgasms, he switched toys and moved his big cock to my ass. I was playing with my toy and he was pounding me and then he moved into the best position ever...e-v-e-r. My legs were up and over to the side. He was laying parallel (ish) to me with his cock still in my ass, my glass toy and the we vibe still in my kitty and his face near my feet. I'm sure I described that horribly, which is a shame b/c it was absolutely one of my most favorite ways we've ever had sex. The angle was fantastic for him to go into me deeply. I could still play with my toys with total ease and most importantly I was cumming sooooooo hard. We both had great visuals of each other and he could totally watch me play and cum and his cock going in and out of me. AMAZING! I'll try to clarify if you aren't clear and ever want to try it.

During this, he switched out my glass toy for the vibe that I just blogged about from Eden Fantasys. He knows it is my new favorite and loves pleasuring me with it. He also loves to do double vaginal with it, which is what came next! He flipped me over and put both him and my toy inside me and pounded away. It is super intense but in a stunningly wonderful manner!! He was about to cum, but thankfully knows the antibiotic rule, so he pulled out and I flipped back over to suck him as he came. I licked him clean and then he asked if he could go back into my ass. I readily agreed and laid back down for him on my stomach with my toy still in tact. He gave me quite a few more orgasms and then we finished off with our shower after play where he washes me, kisses me, and caresses my body. Today was the best sick day ever and since I haven't heard a peep from Capt. Awesome in 2 days I'm no longer planning on having a sick day with him.

Before Owen left, he helped me set up my new drill press and gave me a lesson on how to drill. Yes, many jokes have been made by him and oddly by Russell about him, the drill, my bedroom, etc. It was super fun though and he texted me later to ask me what all I'd drilled and made. I told him I only drilled a few shells b/c I didn't want to drill too many without an actual purpose to it. I'm totally addicted to it though (sex with him and my new hobby)!

PS I almost forgot this little gem. Remember Gavin's friend? The one that called me randomly like twice and I totally shot down? He called me again yesterday and asked me out again. I finally kind of agreed and he told me that he's moving into Gavin's old place this month...uh, hello single white male...it's like he's totally taking over Gavin's life here. Anyway, he texted me a picture today and he was so not my type!! Also his name is crazy funny...I wish I could reveal it, but for anonymity sake I won't. It was priceless though.

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