Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Close Encounters of the Legal Kind

Well it was quite an interesting lunch break here today! I met Owen for some steamy hot sex this afternoon. He's leaving tomorrow night for a week and we had planned to meet up today for lunch and we're planning tomorrow for breakfast. So, everyone was home here today and his house is a constant stream of people. He has an apt. at his house that they rent out and in addition to those tenants, there is a surf kid staying with them right now too. Therefore, my presence would be fairly detectable at his place, especially since I cannot for the life of me fuck him quietly. I suggested that he drive up near the town I'm doing my practicum in and we would meet up on this road nearby with just pineapple fields for miles and I'd hop into his van.

We had some super awesome sex and then as we're getting dressed and talking...up rolls a cop. He pulls in behind my car, which is parked behind his van and turns on his light. I almost had a panic attack. I do not want Owen to get busted, but more importantly neither do I b/c technically having sex in this situation could be considered a sex offense if the cop decided to go that way and that would destroy my career. I was literally in a flustered state, but he's a fast thinker. He had picked up lunch for me since I was giving up my lunch break for sex and he calmly told me to finish getting my clothes on while he dressed super fast and then opened my food, spread it out, and told me to eat. I was literally about to puke, but at this point I'd managed to get dressed and the cop was still in his car.

He calmly opened the door of his van and the next thing I knew he was getting out. I was like "Oh holy fuck" at this point, but decided to let him go. He seemed far more in control and I don't lie well, so if he could field the cop that was an awesome plan in my book. He came back a few minutes later and I was asking what he said. He told the cop we were eating lunch and he was welcome to come and see if he wanted. Fortunately, the cop took him at his word and pulled off. I'm sure we looked like a drug deal in this situation or like we were hanging out smoking or something in his van. Once I was able to breathe again I suggested that in the future, we resume our tried and true locations. OMG, fucking heart attack!!!

When he gets home, he's decided that he's taking me to a hotel one afternoon. That will be a fun day and I've decided that's the day we're going to try out all the new toys, ropes,  and the cute naughty school uniform I bought! I can't wait!

Gavin called me today while I was at practicum. I called him back when I got out and we talked for a few minutes. I don't know why he's calling. I guess he misses me. He just wanted to chit chat today, which was cool. I miss that.  He's always made me smile on the phone and now I can have that part with him again and b/c of his location not complicate our friendship with sex. It will be interesting to see if we're able to resume a friendship without that component. As long as I'm not involved with him again sexually and he's in CA, I don't think it will be harmful to me. I think we're mature enough to be friends.


  1. Quick thinking on Owen's part indeed! And getting out of the van to talk to the cop... very awesome. For a guy I've never seen, he sure is sexy :-P

    Please be careful how close you let Gavin get though. He could always come back for a visit, or move back because CA doesn't work out, or just go apeshit insane the moment you find yourself getting to a happy place in your own life without him, and fly back just to shit all over it.

    I know I'm not the model of sanity. But he really is completely nuts.

  2. Owen is awesome and super sexy! He's very confident which attracts me like crazy, but not in an egotistical way. (This did scare us both though!)
    Gavin is not awesome. I know. I'm avoiding contact again b/c you're right...he will be back. He was supposed to come back this weekend to visit and had actually called me to see if I wanted to have lunch with him earlier in the week. Either he didn't come or he's busy with his son, but we haven't made contact (thankfully).