Monday, August 13, 2012

He's Got a Blog Name Finally

I have been a busy girl. My first official date with the new guy last Monday was great!  I’ve finally decided to call him Peabody and there’s a long story behind that but it’s a nickname his friends gave him at some point. Nothing else seems to fit for the purposes of the blog.

Last Monday I went over to his house (remember it’s in Duckie’s neighborhood – I can actually see the top of Duckie’s house from Peabody’s front porch) and he cooked an awesome dinner of fajitas.  We listened to music for a good while and just talked and hung out.  I’m finding him to be a really good mix of a person. There’s this whole high powered businessman side of him but there’s still very much a laid back, hanging out and easy side too.  We easily go from talking about work to music to our kids with a lot of laughs in between.  And honestly, I don’t know if it’s from my disasterous relationship with The Christian or if it’s just Peabody but I find it incredibly easy to just be myself with him.  I don’t second guess myself or try to be anything other than just me. It’s a really good feeling.

That night when I left I forgot to grab the leftovers he packed up for my lunch. I didn’t think much about it that night and figured he’d just eat them.  Tuesday morning I woke up to a text saying he would bring them by my house on the way to work if I wanted them.  I thought that was very sweet and honestly I really wanted them because they were some rocking fajitas.  Peabody brought them by all wrapped up and ready to go and when I got to work I opened the bag to put them in the fridge and he’d put a note in there for me.  I used to do that for Duckie from time to time but in all the years we were married he never did anything like that for me. 

Tuesday night we ended up spontaneously grabbing dinner at one of the few restaurants in my town that I haven’t been to and it was another quick but fun evening!  Wednesday my boss was supposed to come over to my house for dinner and wine but she ended up in an argument with her boyfriend so our plans were cancelled and Peabody and I ended up hanging out at his house.  We watched a movie and ended up making out hot and heavy. 

I lay there on his couch arguing with myself about not sleeping with him but eventually the little horny devil on my shoulder refuted all arguments and we did the deed.  Before he and I started dating I’d arbitrarily set a three week guideline but during my inner dialogue session while making out I honestly couldn’t think of a reason why to wait.  I’ve waited with some, I’ve not waited with others and it all seems a crap shoot in the end.  I really don’t think it has any merits on what direction it takes the relationship and quite frankly, at 36 years old I’m really not too worried about any arbitrary guideline about relationships anymore.

We had dinner with my boss and her BF Thursday night at her house. She’d been dying to meet him and I really wanted to see if he could fit in with my friends because The Christian so did not.  I’m pleased to report that he sailed through it with flying colors. I mean hell he travels all over the country for work meeting with everyone from CEOs to plant workers so I figured he can mesh with just about anyone. But it was still a good litmus test because if you’re dating me you’re going to be spending some time with my friends at some point. 

Friday he invited me over to meet one of his best friends who was at his house.  We’d talked earlier about going up to his friend’s mountain house over the weekend so I figured if I was going to take that step I better meet his friend and make sure he wasn’t going to annoy me.  He was super fun!  The three of us ended up sitting in Peabody’s driveway for a couple hours talking and laughing.

Saturday morning we packed up his truck and headed to the mountains for a quick overnight with his friend and his girlfriend.  We spent the next day and a half just hanging out in this beautiful isolated cabin, playing corn hole and cards, listening to music, dreaming up million dollar ideas, and making delicious food.  It was a super relaxing and fun weekend and I really enjoyed his friends’ company.  The whole thing was so relaxed and easy I told Gwyn it had a very Hawaiian vibe.

After we got back last night we watched a movie and I helped him unpack all the stuff from the mountains then I headed home where my mother grilled me like a 16 year old on her first date for 30 minutes.  Peabody really seems like a great guy.  He’s been terrific so far and I have not seen any sort of red flags.  He is incredibly attentive and we seem to be finding a good balance together.  I hope it stays that way! 


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