Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tantric Sex

I had one of the most sexually satisfying encounters ever Monday night. It was insanely good. I've read about Tantric sex, seen ads online for it, but had not experienced it until last night with GD. I decided after Sunday night's chastity, that he had me worked up. He had already asked to see me Monday night, so I knew I'd end up having sex with him. I did not know that it was going to last for almost 4 hours and be that freaking awesome.

I walked in and he just took me into his arms (he's 6'2") and wrapped me up and started kissing me. Eventually I told him that the clothes could come off tonight and he practically ripped off mine after that invitation. At this point, I was completely amazed at what he put against my body. He has an awesome cock...I mean awesome. It's really long and pretty thick. He had me on his bed and proceeded to tease me endlessly. I swear there were times where it felt like we totally melted into one. We breathed the same breath and were just totally in sync with one another through the entire experience.

He prolonged his orgasm for hours, but when he finally came it was fantastic. We laid there for a little while touching and talking and kissing and then we tried a couple times to have more sex, but honestly I think he broke my kitty. I was so sore after that long that I couldn't. I wanted to badly, but it ended up being too painful. After three more attempts, I finally had to call it quits and put clothes on. As I was trying to dress, he sat behind me caressing my breasts and rubbing my nipples sending me into pure ecstasy. OMG I want to have sex like that every day. (Don't read into that...I'm just saying it was pure bliss!)

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to see Owen for lunch. I think I've healed enough but I'm hoping it ends up being a quickie or I may not be able to walk.

PS Owen did cum for lunch. For some reason this post didn't post on schedule. Thankfully it was a quickie and he spent the majority of the time in my ass. Otherwise, I might have died. Although, I am apparently a glutton for punishment b/c I went back to GD's house last night for more amazing hours of sex. It is seriously a different experience with sex than I have ever had with anyone ever and I'm feeling a little addicted to it. I did declare that today had to be a rest and recover day though.

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