Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dirty, Hot Sex with Owen

That man rocks the fuck out of my world! I mean he does to me things that no man has ever done. Sure he does things other men could do, but the way he does it drives me wild. This morning was no exception!! We've been texting for a few days about seeing each other today. I suggested he cum over and tie up his sexy school girl this morning and he was on it. Actually, initially I told him I thought I owed him one for Friday night's awesome midnight rendezvous, but he likes being told what I want. It's this weird dichotomy in that he likes being told what I want, but I like being submissive in bed.

He came in this morning to me in my school girl dress with my (and his) favorite glass toy in my ass. I knew how he wanted it today, so I was prepping for him. I had porn on with his favorite position happening for an added touch. He kissed me and started rubbing against me and then he laid me down and did DP with him and that toy. OMG love that! He kept that up until I had cum a few times and then he took the toy out and switched the DP to his cock in my ass and the toy in my kitty. This is his most favorite when I'm on my back and he's in my ass. I actually like it the other way where I'm on my stomach, it's something about the angle, but I'm good with this way too and I love watching him fuck me. As he thrust, he pushed the toy into me and was rubbing my clit. It was amazing feeling!! When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and came all over my kitty. I rubbed it all over my kitty and then he entered me with long, deep strokes!

He's one of the very few men that I've ever met that can keep going. He fucked me for a little while and then he reached into my toy box and pulled out the ties and tied my ankles. He wanted to keep my hands free today. Then he pulled out a giant red vibe that I have. It's one of those toys that almost hurts it's so big. He put that into me and put the glass toy back into my ass and then climbed onto me so that I could suck his cock and lick his balls while he pounded me with that toy. I mean he pounded me almost to the point I thought I was going to explode...lol. He kept marveling at the amount of cum and then he flipped me over onto my side and entered my ass again. I worked my way into my favorite position on my stomach and he pounded away at me as I had countless orgasms and he finally came again in my ass.

Neither of us was in a hurry today, so he laid against me for a while after I finally finished the last few orgasms, kissing my neck and shoulders. As he pulled out, he started massaging me all over. It was THE best way to start my day!!!!

People ask me from time to time if I have feelings for him or if I'm "waiting" for him. Uh no, no I'm not. I mean yes after 3 1/2 years of amazing sex, surely I have some feelings for him but it's not love. It's dirty, hot lust. This is the kind of sex you have in an affair. We don't fight. We don't have bills. We don't have kids together. We don't have a honey do list. It's just sensual, fantastic sex. Why would I ever ruin that by wanting to be with him???


  1. HOLY FUCK BATMAN! You should just go into film and make your millions already!

  2. Lol, thanks Advizor but I may have aged out of that industry seeing as I'm 36, not 26. Although if 30 is the new 20... ;)

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