Thursday, August 23, 2012

Damn Life!

I’m a mix of emotions right now! Things with Peabody are as good as ever and tonight we head off for a three day music festival in the mountains which will be awesome and beautiful and I’m excited about that. At the same time Gwyn is about to take off from Hawaii to come here for a family emergency and I hate that I’m going to not be here when she lands.  Damn life!  Why does everything have to happen at one time!

Aside from that, I have to say it’s freaking so nice to have an ex-husband that you can get along with.  There has been more than one time in the last few weeks when I needed Duckie to pick up the kids or switch things around and it’s always no big deal. Even today is an example. It’s Ladybug’s open house tonight and instead of us both driving they are just going to swing by and pick me up and we’ll all ride together.

Divorced parents who spend so much time hating each other and not being able to get along for the kids sake need to get over themselves. I know there are always  extenuating circumstances that throw a wrench into the plan but really at the end of the day, as adults I’d hope the vast majority of us would be able to still function at “family” things even if we aren’t technically a family anymore. I for one am incredibly grateful that everything is as good as it is between us.

In other news, the other day I made myself laugh big time.  I was at Peabody’s house – remember he lives in the same neighborhood as Duckie and I realized that I’ve slept with three different men in that neighborhood – Duckie, Sawyer, and Peabody. HA! Mama’s a ho!

Seriously, Peabody is just the easiest person to be around.  Last night we packed up his camper for the weekend, grabbed some dinner, and then hung out watching TV for a while. It was totally relaxed and comfortable and just so peaceful.  Then when everything went down with Gwyn, he was just great again.  I don’t think I’ve ever had as easy of a time just relaxing and being myself as I have with him.

Here’s wishing Gwyn a speedy trip home and for everything to go well this weekend in the mountains.  I’ll see you soon as I get back on Sunday Gwyn!


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