Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Funny Visual

So, I have a rat in my house...or maybe a ghost. I'm not sure yet. The last few nights I've been hearing noises, but last night scared the crap out of me. I was laying in bed watching Hot in Cleveland (a seriously stupid, but hilarious show with Betty White...she makes it) when I heard a scratching and a thumping against my door that sounded like it was coming from something about the size of a pit bull. (I will inject here that we are a pet free household.) Then it moved along the wall and it sounded like it went into the bathroom beside the living room. I lay there paralyzed in what I can only describe as fear for about 5 minutes. My mind was racing that I had to get to Chloe to get her out of her unattended bed and into mine ASAP so that rat/ghost did not kill her in her sleep.

I finally pry myself off the bed out of sheer maternal will and as I walk (naked) into the living room to go get her, I see Russell leaving his room, much to my relief! I knew he had been sleeping and was only on the way to the bathroom to pee, but I had to forewarn him of the rat/ghost.

He goes into the kitchen to grab a flashlight and starts shining it everywhere. I am convinced that he is going to shine it right out of hiding so I hop up on a stool. I decide that's not a good idea and I leap over to the couch. I visualize it vaulting over the couch and decide the coffee table in the middle of the living room with me still naked and my front window wide open is the best place to stand...rofl. My poor neighbors! It was about 12am, so I think I went unnoticed, except to Russell who informed me that this was bad naked. I was hysterical at the time though and really could have cared less.

We didn't find whatever beast was making the sounds, but today I'm going to buy RAT traps to replace the mouse traps I had purchased b/c if it is a rat instead of a ghost, it's HUGE based on what I heard last night.

PS I think today is the day where I find out if Russell is going to China for 3 months. If he is, I hope we catch the RAT first.

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