Saturday, August 11, 2012

Midnight Risque Encounter

Owen texted me about 11:30pm and asked if I wanted to meet him on the beach. I was a little drunk and confused. I was like 'what?' 'now??'. He said "yes". I said I'd be right there! We never ever have sex in the middle of the night, which is kind of a shame b/c I love sex before sleep.

It seems he had left something at work and saw this as the perfect opportunity to see me as well. He pulled me to him and kissed me while undressing me. Then he bent me over and proceeded to pound me over and over again. It was delicious! He kept pulling me back into him and kissing me and talking dirty to me...I was soooo turned on by him. He always knows just what I need.

As I was dressing, I noticed he was playing 1950-60s love songs on his phone (think Back to the Future prom). I stifled a chuckle.

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