Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Potential Players

Things are getting interesting around here again. I've been on OK Cupid and POF lately checking things out. I met a Dr. on OK Cupid!! He's a psychiatrist to be specific...lmao. We've chatted online for about a week and he asked for my phone number this weekend. He went to Kauai this past weekend to visit family. We were supposed to meet after work today for a drink, but he called about 45 minutes later than expected and I assumed he had just stood me up. He explained he'd gotten held up at work by a colleague, but at that point I was on the H1 and I'm not turning around on that thing for anyone. It was probably a mistake. He's HOT from his pics, he's smart, and he seems funny. Here's a hmmm moment about him. He's leaving in a few days to go to Burning Man for 2 weeks. Russell and I have a friend that goes to that annually...in a tutu with his unicycle. I'm thinking the Dr. may well be a freak. At any rate, I may be interested in seeing him when he returns but 2 weeks is a long time in Jules' world of men.

Next up, we have GD. I met him on POF, incidentally where I saw The Chilean stalking around and not mentioning that he has a gf. Anyway, I'm calling him that b/c it makes me chuckle. He's a graphic designer that lives literally right down the road from me. This is a bonus right off. I've become a lazy dater. If you live far away, I'm not really into it. Dr. lives about an hour away, but if you're a Dr. I'll consider the commute. Anyway, thing went fast with GD. I started chatting with him online this weekend. Last night, he called me and we talked for about 2 hours. If you know me, you know that I do not talk on the phone longer than about 5 minutes unless it's my family (and even that is very rare!). In the midst of this, he asked me to meet him. It was late, but I agreed.

We met out in a public spot and chatted for a while. I got a good vibe from him. I think he's super intense, but I like him. Gwyn thinks intense means crazy...lol, it could. Anyway, he invited me back to his place b/c at this point he'd informed me that he's certified to do lomi lomi massage. Um, ok! Ha, I didn't go quite that easily, but I did go. I told him that I wasn't having sex with him. He said it was just a massage. I said ok and reiterated no sex. He laughed and took me back to his place.

We sat on his bed and he gave me one of the best massages ever. I mean it felt fantastic. I was putty, but I wasn't so much so that I was giving into my no sex b/c I just met you thing. I only do this with men that I think I might like for more than FWB. In the middle of the massage, he came around and pulled me to him and kissed me. He's a great kisser!! I melted a little, but remained firm. He finished the massage and we laid there talking and kissing. Things heated up seriously after that. He had me pinned down kissing me and touching me. I can tell he's going to be super dominant in bed. I kept removing his hands from inside my clothes telling him it wasn't happening. (I was very impressed by my willpower!) I could feel how hard he was and it was driving me insane, but I really didn't want to just whore it up the first time.

I finally called it a night about 2:30am and said that I had to get up in less than 5 hours for work and had to go home to sleep. He reluctantly let me go, but he called me when I got home and we talked some more. Here's what I mean about the intense part. He emailed me earlier and told me that he felt that we were already entwined and that he was deep inside my energies. That's a little fast! The other thing about GD is that he has 3 kids with yes, 3 different baby mamas and he's 46. All that being said, I have a primal attraction to him!


  1. HA! Sounds much like The Christian - well minus the ex wife who was a witch and the three baby mamas ;)


  2. And minus the crazypants and the OCD...!!!