Monday, August 6, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Why is it so much more fun to write for the blog than to write for work?  That’s a total rhetorical question by the way but honestly some days I would rather pull my finger nails out then write for work. If only writing this blog could turn some bucks for us!  I guess we'll just have to wait until we sell the movie rights.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks!  The Christian has been completely absent. Not a peep from him thankfully.  I found out that Coach is only out of town on a contract job. But it’s for three months so at least I have a few months to not worry about running into him and hope against hope it could turn into a full time position and I could be free of his presence forever.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for that. 

Last week I went out with my friend D one night and honestly it was kind of miserable lol. I’m just over that scene. Going out every once in a while is fun but doing it every week is not my thing anymore. I never thought I’d say that haha.  Last Friday one of the girls at work had a party at her house and it was me, another girl from work my age, and then everyone else was 30 or under.  By 10, all the “young” girls were inside falling asleep on the couch and it was me and all the guys (and the girl from work) outside playing beer pong with the guys.  The young guy here at work was there and very flirty but I made myself behave.  I just don’t need to have that drama at work.  At least not yet.

Also somewhere in the week Duckie told me he and his girlfriend were considering moving in. Well the kids told me and I had to have a panic attack and then call him to ask what was going on.  He hedged around a little talking to me and I could tell he was having second thoughts about it.  Sounds like he found himself another big old bag of crazy. I told him if he was taking that step it needed to be serious as in getting engaged shortly after if not before because it just wasn’t right for the kids otherwise. He agreed and told me that he also realized if he did that his alimony ended.  Our talk was good and then a day later he called me and told me not to worry about it because they broke up.  He told me a little more about her and she sounds like a real flake.  He really needs to stop looking for these women to “rescue” and find himself a nice girl – who’s very much not like me at all haha. 

Somewhere in all this I reopened my accounts on POF and Ok Cupid.  Almost immediately it was like a damn burst.  Surprisingly there were a lot of new faces on POF and I picked a couple to respond to.  One guy stood out from the rest.  He’s 35, has two kids, been divorced a little longer than me, college educated, has a great job where he travels a couple days each week, and seemingly has some serious bank.  We met briefly over the weekend and then hung out for a couple hours last night after the kids were in bed. FYI - he brought me a great bottle of red wine and some amazing chocolates. 

Tonight we’re having our official first “date” so we’ll see if things keep looking up.  So far so good!  He does seem like a good catch so I’m cautiously hopeful – one of his best traits is despite his traveling over much of the US he’s never been to Hawaii and guess where he wants to go….the North Shore.  Look out girls Miranda may be back on the island sooner rather than later! 


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