Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Rest of The Story

Here’s the low down on everything that happened with The Chilean. I was supposed to have dinner with a friend of mine that Gwyn calls The Unicorn on Saturday night. She bailed at the last minute and I decided to contact him and see if he wanted to hang out during “normal hours”. He did. I picked him up and we went to Target, where he did buy me some things b/c I left my wallet in the car…had I known now how it was going to end I would have done way more shopping! Then we left and walked around some and decided to just grab a pizza on the way home.
We ate our dinner and headed back to his apt where I laid all coy on the bed b/c we had had some hot sex the night before. We start talking about us and he asks me what I want from him. I tell him that it’s way to soon to qualify this, but eventually I see us being bf-gf. Then he drops the bomb that he has a long distance relationship with another woman. He tells me how dissatisfied he is with it b/c he wants someone with him, blah, blah. When I freaked the fuck out, he said that he was sorry he hadn’t told me sooner. He said he thought this time was going to be like the last time where I just saw him a few times and that was it. He said he didn’t expect us both to have the emotions that we did. I told him that this was totally unfair and had I known this from the beginning, there would have been no this time at all.
I got up and left. He followed me to my car, trying to talk to me along the way, but I walk fast and I was pissed. He ended up trailing along like a freaking puppy dog behind me. I stopped at the car long enough to shoot him daggers and then he kissed me goodbye. I told him to figure his shit out, but that I’d been the other woman before I was not interested in doing it yet again. I left under the impression he was going to work to end things with this woman b/c he’s been telling me he loved me from the first night he got back.
We chatted some this week on the phone and on FB.  I thought he was fixing things. Clearly I had my doubts though, because I did see Owen on Tuesday morning for some super hot, beach sex! As of last night, he still had not ended things with her and pretty much told me it was complicated, etc, etc. I told him I was going to uncomplicated it and that I wanted nothing else to do with him until he’s single (and honestly at this point probably not then either!). I unfriended him on FB, deleted his cell from my phone and all call logs, and called it done. Apparently it really hurt HIS feelings I unfriended him on FB. Really??? 

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