Friday, August 17, 2012

Ass Kicking Time

I need a little bitch session.  I’m about to throat punch my sister.  My sister is six years older to me and she and her husband are very wealthy - like they just finished building a mega-mansion wealthy.  And I don’t begrudge them for any of that.  Her husband has worked all of his adult life on building his own insurance business and he’s very good at what he does.  My sister worked for the early part of their marriage but the last 11 years she’s been a stay at home mom and a realtor on the side.  Outside of doing realtor stuff for family and friends she mostly does it for their own benefit because they are also house flippers.   They honestly have enough money they would wipe their asses with $20 bills and not even notice.  

When Duckie and I first moved back here she was wonderful helping watch the kids from time to time during the summer and stuff but then it shifted and my dad was always the kid watcher.  After he passed away and Duckie and I started the divorce process things really shifted. I certainly wasn’t the first experience she had with divorce but I guess because I was the first in the family it threw off our relationship.  Things have been different ever since.  Here’s my list of disgruntlements that I have by and large made my peace with but have been flared up this week
  • They didn’t help me move into my apartment. Both were mysteriously busy the majority of that day. I will say however that my sister did help me move into my townhouse. 
  • They routinely ask me to do things that cost mega-bucks and then want to argue with me when I say I can’t afford to do said things. Yet they know my income! My sister was my own damn realtor and saw all the paperwork.
  • In the whole two years I lived in my apartment they NEVER let their son spend the night.  He came over to play with Leo quite a bit but he never stayed. 
  • Despite our perfectly friendly relationship, they freak out about asking me and Duckie to do things at the same time.
  • I used to see them practically every weekend and now I see them maybe once a month if I’m lucky. 
  • 9 times out of 10 now if I ask her if she can watch the kids she says no for one reason or another.  Though I never say no to her when she asks me. 
  • They have both complained to me that my mom will foot the bill for me and the kids at some of these fancy schmancy dinners they like to go to but yet they have NEVER paid for my mom or me or anyone else when they make three times what we all make combined. 
  • And now, they have asked me and Duckie to be the “divorce gurus” for their best friends who are splitting up. Side note – Gwyn remember “goo-ruu” hahahaha.

About two weeks ago my sister told me her best friend had just confided in her that she was going to leave her husband. Apparently things haven’t been good for a while and they were finally ready to do something about it.  Sounds on the surface like a situation similar to Duckie and me.

She asked me to reach out to her BFF and just be a friend if she needed someone to talk to who had been through that stuff before.  She also asked Duckie to do the same thing to her BFF’s soon to be ex-husband.  
That’s all fine and well but there have been so many weird, odd things about the way they handled our split.  Believe me I have no problem helping a fellow divorcee out and telling her everything I know but I guess I just feel like my sister and her husband handled the whole situation so poorly with me and Duckie that it’s incredibly ironic they want our help now.  I don’t know. As I write it out now it seems petty of me.  

But it’s crazy!  I mean she wants me to become her friend’s divorce buddy and then she tells me they are helping her move out tomorrow oh and by the way can I watch her son while they help her!  It’s just irked me big time this week. 

I am going to have a conversation with my sister to let her know what her BFF will need from her as a friend now.  I’m not sure how to have this conversation without hurting her feelings because I’m going to have to use some examples of things that my “friends” including her did or didn’t do for me.  


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