Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If the Camper is a Rockin' Don't Bother Knockin'

This weekend rocked!  Peabody and I went up to the mountains for a three day music festival with a couple of his close friends and it was seriously one of the most fun weekends of my life.  We left Thursday after work and didn’t get home until late Sunday evening.  Peabody’s work was a sponsor for the event so we had VIP access all weekend which made it even sweeter.

This was the first time I’d “camped” in a pop-up camper since I was a kid and it honestly wasn’t bad. The boys were majorly efficient with what to bring and cooking on the gas grill so outside from having to share the communal showers and bathrooms it wasn’t a bad deal at all. 

Thursday night we sat outside and laughed and talked.  All day Friday we sat up in the festival area and watched band after amazing band. Everything from country to bluegrass to jam-style to rock bands.  We laughed and danced and generally had a blast even though we about drown in the hardest 30 minutes of rain I’ve seen in years.  Fortunately Peabody saw it coming right before the bottom fell out and we made it back the camper without getting totally drenched.  That night we got a little frisky and I’m pleased to say I helped initiate Peabody’s first time having sex in his camper lol.  We had to be uber quite and it was hard because I kept laughing about our stealth moves.  For more than a few minutes I had my hands pressed over my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh out loud.

There was this camping headlight thing hanging from a bar over our bed and in the midst of our getting busy it started swinging and creaking just a little.  Peabody stopped and was like “oh shit” and we laid still for a second and the thing kept swinging.  I started giggling again and he asked what was funny and I said, “Think about it.  It’s a different tempo. We’re not the only ones getting busy behind closed curtains in this camper.”  And then I had another round of laughing that was barely contained.

Saturday was another dozen amazing bands and more festival antics including a plot by me and two other girls to steal a golf cart which the guys thwarted just in time.  Being up in the mountains the number of “hippies” was incredible. I swear I saw more dread locks then I’ve seen in my whole life total.  It was great people watching to say the least. After a very long hot day Peabody and I decided to take a shower before bed.  This shower was seriously the smallest thing I’ve ever seen.  When we stood in there we had about three inches between us.  This caused us to laugh like we were high as kites (which we were actually) for the whole time we were in the shower. Lord knows what people thought was going on in there. 

Sunday was even more music and a very weary crowd.  We mostly sat in our chairs and laid on the blanket that day until we called it quits and packed up to head home.  I know I’ve said it before but the more time I spend with him the more and more I like this guy. He’s so genuinely nice.  He’s the guy who stops to help someone change a tire on the side of the road.  The one who holds a door open for everyone.  The guy who strikes up a conversation and draws people in so that he’s constantly walking away with business cards and making new friends.  He’s pretty much the shit so far and I’m going to try to hang on to this one!


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