Friday, September 3, 2010

Sexual Chocolate

Well, I’ve all but entirely fallen off the wagon in the last 24 hours.  FJB’s inattentiveness drove me to my breaking point and last night I started chatting with two guys.  Add the hot afterschool guy, forever to be known as Hot Chocolate (thanks Gwyn), and my days of monogamy are fast becoming a distant memory.

So after my last email sent to FJB on Tuesday clearly stating that I was randomly free this Saturday night because the kids had other arrangements, I didn’t hear a peep from him until today. I got back a vague reply about me owing him dinner for the work he’s doing on my new router.  After concurring with Gwyn, I sent back a polite but short email saying I’d be happy to see him but he’d have to be more specific on the details.  Have I heard a peep since then?  Hell no. I’m giving him a few more hours to secure the Saturday night date and then I’m moving on people. Edited to add: Just IM'd with FJB for a few minutes.  He asked what my weekend plans were, I said nothing. I asked what his plans were, he said "not sure."  Not another thing was mentioned about tomorrow. I'm officially done. DONE! He likes his fucking space, he's going to get some fucking space.

There are some new, hot possibilities on PoF. I’m still chatting with them but they definitely have potential and there’s a guy I had started talking to before FJB ever popped back up that’s been on the back burner. He may get fast tracked now though.

Speaking of fast track, I greatly anticipated talking to Hot Chocolate today when I picked up Leo from afterschool.  Yesterday I only had a few minutes because I had to haul ass to get back to Leo’s school for a stupid parent-teacher meeting.  So yesterday was a breeze in, breeze out deal with actually worked to my advantage so I looked nice and busy.  Today I had more time and it was well worth it!

So as soon as I walked in he called me back into his little office area and I bet I wasn’t in there 5 minutes before he’d given me two compliments and asked me out.  He’s definitely a fast mover and he’s definitely seriously hot!  We talked for a little more and I confirmed what my super-stalking found last night thanks to the internet. He is 40 and currently single (at least that’s what he claims).  He’s worked for the parks & rec department for several years and he loves his job.  And he’s seriously, seriously smoking hot. 

He kept standing closer and closer to me and it almost made me break out into a sweat.  I kept talking to him and then I’d walk away a little and he’d follow.  I played Gwyn very well today!  I spent about 20 minutes just talking and flirting and he’s a hard core, grade A flirter.  Hot Chocolate asked me how tall I was because he’s never seen me without heels, which is accurate.  I told him and questioned him in return – he’s 6’3 by the way! 

We’ll see when he calls.  Could definitely be interesting and my life could use a big old dose of interesting right now.



  1. Awww, damn it FJB. I was just warming up to giving you another chance, and then I'm gone for a week or two and you pull this shit. You and Lawyer Boy are seriously hurting any cred our gender has, you know that?

    It's amazing how sexy mere proximity can be. Loving the Hot Chocolate nick. I'm immediately getting this Blair Underwood image of him... and I just had to look him up in IMDB, but apparently he played a doctor who dated Miranda in Sex and the City. Coincidence?

  2. I don't know that I'd say he looks like Blair Underwood but he's mighty fine. Love the Sex in the City coincidence!