Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Queen Of the Whores

It really was too good of a title not to use and it's so fitting today. ;) It's that TMI Tuesday time and well I'm full of TMI today. This morning started with a text from Owen asking if I was free today. Why yes, yes I was. I was so excited to hear from today, especially since I'd just seen him Friday. Russell was home, so we met out in his van at our local park. While I was doing some stuff and getting ready to see Owen, Gavin calls. He was on the way to court and wanted to know if he could come over after. I told him Russell was home until 1pm, but he could come over tonight if he wanted to. He calls me back a few minutes later and invites me to lunch and asks if I want to go run some errands with him. I said "sure, call me".

So Owen and I pull into the park at the exact same time and he's ready! Normally I sit on his lap kissing for a long time because I love kissing him, but today I only kissed him some and then immediately went down on him. He'd asked me to bring my anal beads with me today and to wait to put them in so he could watch me. That was fun and apparently really turned him on. I had actually typed out the details of our encounter, but it felt weird putting THAT much information into the universe, so I'm scaling it back. After about the 1,000th orgasm, we finished up and parted ways for the week.

I'd left my phone in my car while I was with him and sure enough Gavin had called like 3 times. Only 15 minutes had lapsed, so I played it off like I'd been in the shower. He asked me to meet him in the next town where he'd had court and then we could head toward downtown and do some things. I raced home, cleaned up, and ran out.

He walked up to me today looking so hot! He had on jeans and a t-shirt and has let a goatee grow this weekend...omg that man makes me weak in my knees. As we are doing errands, he's just talking and talking about his life and what not. He told me that he feels like in the next month or so some major changes are going to be happening. I suppose that was my cue to ask what, but I chose not to do so. I figure if he has something he wants to say, he'll tell me. Plus, I told him at a later point in the conversation that I don't see him ever leaving the gf. He just kept telling me how unhappy he is, but I reminded him that he allows himself to continue to live in this situation and that it's basically on him. I love how candidly we talk about things.

He took me to this really yummy sushi restaurant for lunch and drinks. It was so nice just sitting there and talking with him about all kinds of things. He's pretty interested in what I do for work and what I'm going to school for right now, so unlike the other 2 men in my life he actually asks questions about school and such.

After lunch I was planning to just go home and get my kid, but he asked if he could follow me home for some sex before I picked up Chloe. Sex is like a drug for me, the more I have it the more I want it...yes, even in the same day. I rarely have sex with 2 people in the same day though (ok, mostly), but I was still so into getting it that it was super intense. We've actually been having really hot sex for the past few weeks. It's improved a lot since we started. He was good, but not like he is now. He's stepped it up big time. Today I let him do something to me to me that I've only let him do once or twice before and he loved it. He came super hard. He's very verbal when he cums, which is something I like. I hate to ask. I figure if I have to ask, it wasn't that good but I suppose some men are just quiet because let's face it, I'm good. ;)

He leaves and I go get Chloe and I was on a business call when my phone beeps like 3 times. It wasn't a call that I could put on hold, so after I hung up I was listening to messages and get another call from that number. It was Clark. He was calling to see if he could see me tonight. (Oh dear god, no...my body can't take 3 in one day the way they've been going at it lately...that's too much for even me.) I asked what had happened last night and he said he went back to his room and fell asleep (whatever). I told him I couldn't tonight because Russell is working and I'm home with Chloe. He asked about tomorrow and I told him I have class until 8pm. He invited me to come over after class and said that the ex gf still has his car, but he can leave base and we can go hang out and do something if I want to come get him. Of course I said I would even though I'm playing it cool...but I really want to see him again. I need to actually be around him some and kind of feel out in person where this is going too.

It was an interesting boy filled day. My "sign" must have been on.


UPDATE: As I was taking Chloe to hula like 2 1/2 hours later from when I last saw him, Gavin calls me AGAIN to see what I'm doing tonight. What in the hell is going on with him?? I told him that I was taking Chloe to hula and probably wouldn't be home until around 8:30. He said he might come over if he was still out then. He's freaking me out a little right now as I'm not equipped at this stage to handle more than the current status of FWB. Miranda processed with me and we decided he was still dazed from the sex earlier, well that and he seems to like having 2 girlfriends. LOL! It's 9pm here now, so I'm thinking he went home or found something else to do.


  1. Today I let him do something to me to me that I've only let him do once or twice before and he loved it.

    Given all the stuff you're proud to share with us, I don't think I want to know what kinds of things there are to do in bed that even you are too modest to talk about :-P

  2. LMAO, I was deciding not to be overly graphic, but it was just anal. He weirded out once when I let him do it and it was a little messy, so I cut him off. I told him this was the reason the other day and he's made it his mission to get back in...so, I let him. It wasn't messy and it was awesome.