Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spice of Life

I started to add this as a PS to my last post but it was so long and not relevant, I decided to make it it's own. I had a really funny, but later weird night last night. We have a friend, Bob, that Russell and I had a threeway with in January. I think I've mentioned him before, but I was too lazy to reference back to see if he has another name already. It was seriously some of the worst sex of my life, bless his 21 year old heart. I mean it was bad. It was also right before I told Russell I wanted a divorce, so it could have just been my overall demeanor. Anyway, Bob has stayed around us like a stray puppy. He's military and he leaves the barracks every weekend to spend the weekend at our house. He is Russell's bromance, now I swear more goes on because he sleeps with Russell on Russell's full sized futon every night he's here but Russell swears up one side and down the other that nothing is going on. Russell has a huge crush on him and I think if he were actually scoring some, he'd brag about it to me. I honestly don't care, but I find it odd...as do most people that know this.

So because Bob is military, he gets drug tested a lot...hence no drugs for him. A few weekends ago, we tried the "legal" shrooms. It was vile (because Russell insisted on making it into a tea and not just eating it) and did nothing for any of us. I mean nothing. Last night, the boys went to a smoke shop and bought the new SPICE. SPICE is now illegal in Hawaii, but there's a new form that's basically the same thing. They brought it home for us to smoke. I was skeptical, but I tried it anyway (really, was there any doubt I would?). It was hilarious fun. We laughed our asses off. Russell and I were totally having an awesome, reading each other's mind, funny time. It was timing that we haven't had in years. At some point (very early I might add), I went to bed. I woke up around 3am with the worst headache of my life. I assumed I was dehydrated because I'd also had a gallon of wine over the course of the evening. This headache lasted for 2 hours until I finally took half a Xanax in hopes of falling back asleep. In the mean time, I puked my guts out and no, it wasn't the wine. While it was a totally fun experience at the time, I'm pretty sure I'll stick to the real stuff from here on out.

It was a really good bonding time for Russell and I though. For those of you that worry about us living together after the horrible shit that went down this summer, you can see that we're doing ok right now. I think we're pretty much figuring it out and are moving very nicely back into friends. It's a good place to be when you still have to live together.


  1. Something is definitely weird between Bob and Russell. When I was visiting Jules this summer, I laughed my ass off at the boys watching some gladiator movie cuddled up on Russell's futon drinking margaritas.

    No straight man would sleep in ANY size bed with a gay man. I call Bullshit!


  2. I agree! Something isn't right, but if there is something more it's so DL even I don't know (but I also don't care). On a hilarious note, the 2 of them went to a strip club last night...ROFL.